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Marijuana And Methamphetamine’s Are Popular In Wellington, New Zealand

Marijuana And Methamphetamines Are Popular In Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand Is A Hotbed For Drug Use

Drug addiction is a worldwide phenomenon. There is no populated area in the world that has been untouched. This is also true of Wellington, New Zealand.

One report from the New Zealand Alcohol and Drug Use Survey suggested that 49 percent of all New Zealand adults have tried some kind of recreational drug in their lifetime. This statistic is astonishing. It’s difficult to believe that drug use runs so high in a place as beautiful and majestic as New Zealand.

The two most prevalent drugs identified by police in Wellington are marijuana and methamphetamine, although the country is also known for ecstasy use, heroin, opioids, and the use of other illicit substances.

Many In Wellington Use Marijuana

Marijuana is illegal in Wellington, but that hasn’t slowed the number of people who use the stuff. This is the most popularly used illegal drug by people in Wellington. New Zealand is the seventh largest consumer of marijuana in the world.

Although marijuana is not as harmful as other drugs, it can still lead to addiction and negative consequences. Many people who use marijuana regularly experience psychological problems. Marijuana can cause paranoia and psychosis. When someone experiences a marijuana-induced psychosis, they lose touch with reality and develop bizarre thoughts.

Many people who become addicted to marijuana find that they can not stop using the drug without treatment. While it may be hard to believe, hundreds of thousands of people around the world admit themselves to inpatient treatment every year because they can not stop using the drug on their own.

Methamphetamine Use Runs High In Wellington

Just like its Australian counterpart, methamphetamines are popular in New Zealand. This is especially true in Wellington. In fact, police have issued a report saying that there is a methamphetamine epidemic in Wellington.

With so many people using meth in Wellington, the city’s law enforcement officials are concerned about how this drug is affecting the countryside. Crime rates have increased in Wellington because users are stealing to support their habit. Also, the drug is ripping families apart – especially those who have teenagers who are using the drug.

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