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Addiction Rehab: To Live a Normal Life

Drug and alcohol addiction have already sown thorns in the lives of many. Many people throughout the world have experienced the disastrous effects of addiction. Unfortunately, instead of learning from the mistakes done by others, more youngsters seem to be falling prey to addiction. Over the years, the issue of drug and alcohol addiction has become alarming.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia: A Quality Addiction Rehabilitation Center

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia is the leading international destination for alcohol rehab treatment in Asia. We have treated many persons with alcohol dependence from all over the world. Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia has experienced and professional staff, with years of experience helping people tackle their addiction. Every effort is made to ensure that the person, who comes to our center for treatment, returns home with a strong foundation to walk their path of sobriety.

Addiction Rehabilitation for Alcoholics
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Since alcohol is widely available, consumption is not frowned upon socially, and its dangers are minimized. However, it is just as dangerous as drugs, and can be more insidious and undermining. At Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, we understand the effects of alcoholism on an individual and his family. We have created a treatment program specifically designed by experts in the field to treat even the most chronic alcoholic, and bring him back to a normal and sane life.

Addiction rehabilitation at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The counseling process is fine tuned to address the individual’s specific condition to obtain optimal results.

Rehabilitation Procedures at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia


Detox is provided when needed (and is included in our program fees). When a heavy drinker abruptly stops drinking alcohol, withdrawal symptoms occur. Detox helps minimize the withdrawal symptoms, and helps your body to adjust to not having alcohol. Detox is, of course, accompanied by medical supervision and medication, and thus occurs at our partnering hospital, Bangkok Hospital – Pattaya, a private JCI-accredited hospital. After completing detox, clients are taken to our rehab’s calm and serene environment for their next stage of treatment.

Therapy & Counseling:

Next comes therapy and counseling. Our therapy is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Cognitive-behavioral coping skills treatment is a short-term, focused approach to helping substance dependent individuals become abstinent from alcohol and other substances. CBT focuses on helping clients to Recognize, Avoid, and Cope:

• RECOGNIZE the situations in which they are most likely to use drug and alcohol;

• AVOID these situations when appropriate;

• COPE more effectively with a range of problems and problematic behaviors associated with substance abuse.

Relapse Prevention:

Learning to recognize triggers leading to relapse and how to manage and control oneself in situations that might lead to such relapses.

Stress Management and Exercise:

Meditation, yoga, relaxation, water workout in our swimming pool, and personal training


Aftercare plan: We’ll work with you on setting up aftercare for when you return home. We have a large network of aftercare specialists around the world who we regularly work with. If you come from an area where we cannot locate a suitable therapist, we collaborate with several counselors who specialize counseling on the telephone or via videoconference.

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