Christmas At Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia

Being in Rehab over Xmas can be stressful and depressing. You maybe missing your family, feeling remorseful or just plain homesick.

However, it doesn’t have to be a terrible experience. On a positive note, you will be doing something that means future Christmases can be a joyful experience and that you are taking the first steps towards that.

So how did we deal with Xmas at Alcohol Rehab?

It started at the weekly client meeting. All the clients and staff meet on a weekly basis to discuss the program, accommodations, food, and outings. It gives the clients a real voice and say in how the program progresses.

We agreed that if we had a day off on Xmas Day then we would catch up with the program on the Saturday. It is a short program, and none of the clients wanted to miss out on any part of the program.

We discussed options available and came up with a timetable that everyone agreed upon.

On the Evening of Christmas Eve, we went out for dinner at a beautiful restaurant.

In the morning, after a breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, we all exchanged presents and got ready to go out.

We drove to the water falls where we walked up the falls to the top. When we came down, staff had prepared a beautiful picnic lunch which we ate next to one of the waterfalls in 30 degrees (C), a beautiful Thailand winters day.

We arrived back at the center in time for the Petanque Competition. This was a knockout competition involving clients and staff. The final being a closely fought competition between two of the clients.

In the evening, we had the traditional Xmas dinner, turkey with all the trimmings followed by Xmas Pudding and cream.

We then all watched a Xmas film and fell exhausted into our beds by 10.30pm.

Overall it was a lovely day without any problems or stress. Boxing Day was back to work for all of us.

New Years Day will follow a similar pattern.

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