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Addiction Recovery Program

How Addiction Recovery Program Helps an Alcoholic Stay Sober
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Alcohol addiction is mostly a cognitive and behavioral disorder, which in turns means changing ways of ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ can effectively end your drinking. This disorder manifests itself in addicted persons as physical and psychological craving, which the alcoholic finds very difficult to control. When he attempts to stop drinking, he starts getting painful withdrawal symptoms, and this forces him to drink again, trapped in a vicious circle. At Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, we offer an effective addiction recovery program to help addicted persons turn a new leaf in life. By administering therapies and providing support, we help our clients gain the power and the presence of mind to overcome addiction.

Addiction Recovery Steps

Dealing with denial in addiction
Denial in addiction is the worst enemy for recovery. The first step is recognizing that your addiction to alcohol is a problem, is deteriorating the quality of your life, and simply said, is having a real negative impact on you and your loved ones. Alcohol may have, in the past, provided you with illusory comfort (although you saw it as real). For whatever reasons you started drinking, you continued to drink because you felt is provided you with positive results. However, its allure, in the end, is false and insidiously illusory. In the end, it turns around and bites you hard, and targets the jugular. You can lose life, limb, love and all that you hold dear. You must come to terms with this fact, that the soothing, seductive companion you once knew as alcohol is really a cancer in your mind and a time bomb in your body.

Removing barriers to change
A person’s physical dependence on drugs or alcohol is another major barrier in the process of addiction recovery. The addict may want to come out of addiction, but may not be able to manage the painful symptoms caused by the initial abstinence from alcohol. Sometimes, the past experience of withdrawal and relapse may make him apprehensive towards recovery. The beliefs and attitudes of the person regarding drug or alcohol are other important barriers. He may think that he is powerless when not using the substance. At Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, our professionals tailor your addiction recovery program, analyzing the factors that obstruct you from gaining a full recovery.

Some addicts need detoxification, depending on the severity of the physical addiction. During detoxification, a person can experience highly uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. However, under medical supervision, the intensity and occurrence of withdrawal symptoms can be attenuated or prevented with medication.

Relapse prevention
Relapse prevention is a crucial step in addiction recovery. Relapse can, and sometimes does, happen during the recovery process. Our professionals devise relapse prevention strategies to help clients deal with triggers to drink. We help our clients learn to recognize the signs and potential causes of relapse. We teach them how to effectively manage such causes and realize when thoughts and behavior are becoming a risk for relapse.

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