Bali Drug Therapy

Bali Drug Therapy for Mental Illness

Dr. Suryani is a psychiatrist in Bali. She treats impoverished people with mental illnesses with drug therapy– mostly, with anti-psychotics.

Bali Drug Rehabilitation Therapy

The video follows Dr. Suryani to meet several of her patients. She has been giving impoverished patients anti-psychotic drugs for free. Many of her patients are now doing very well, and have become productive members of society again. Unfortunately, Dr. Suryani’s funding has been cut by 90%, and it is now in question if she will be able to continue drug treatment for her patients.

In Bali some doctors have recommended chaining mentally ill people in the house. Several of the people in the video were chained for years. One man was kept chained for 10 years.

Relapse Without Drug Treatment

If Dr. Suryani does not get the funding she requires to maintain her programs, many of her patients will relapse due to not getting the necessary drugs they require. This video stands as a reminder for us in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation that not all drugs are bad, and we continually need to evaluate our own perceptions. When a pharmaceutical can make such an incredible improvement of a person’s quality of life, it does show us the amazing power of modern science when used appropriately.

Source: Journey Man Pictures

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