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Drug or Alcohol Dependence – Is it Genetic?

If you go to any party where alcohol is served, you will notice that different people are affected by alcohol in different ways. Some people will just become relaxed and sleepy, while others become much more outgoing and daring – even to the point of embarrassing themselves.

Genetic Differences in Alcohol Dependence
Researchers believe that some of these differences are genetic. However, people from both groups can become alcoholics. Just because you have a gene that predisposes you to greater alcohol dependency does not mean that you will become an alcoholic. Also, the lack of that same gene does not mean that you will not become alcohol dependent. It is a matter of relative risk. For example, people with close relatives who have an alcohol misuse disorder are four times more at risk of experiencing similar problems.

Different Treatments for Different People
There is some good news here. It explains why different treatments work better with some people than others. It also opens the possibility that we may be able to customize treatments for patients of different genetic inheritances.

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