Effects of Alcohol Addiction

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The level of alcohol consumption in today’s world has drastically increased. Men, women, teenagers—irrespective of their ages—drink alcohol in different quantity for different reasons. There are many people who drink alcohol extensively without realizing how it’s consuming their health as well as personal lives. Alcohol not only affects the person drinking it, but also affects the lives of people who are related to the person like family members, friends and loved ones. It’s extremely beneficial for persons addicted to alcohol to seek professional help.

Understanding Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a phenomenon of people drinking heavily, and who are not able to control their drinking. Alcohol addiction is also known as alcoholism or alcohol dependence. People who are addicted to alcohol get highly dependent on it; they cannot bear living without it. For some, the body actually changes to physically need the alcohol to function.

Effects of Alcohol Addiction

Addiction to alcohol takes it toll on a person’s life, family, and friends including:

* Major Health Problems – People heavily addicted to alcohol usually end up suffering from medical problems: Liver diseases like alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver; heart disease and heart attacks; different types of cancers; ulcers; infertility; sexual problems; obesity; blood vomiting; pancreatitis; fetal abnormalities; brain damage; and premature death
* Disruption of Good Relationships – People who get addicted to alcohol tend to become very irritable and short tempered; and, become consumed by their addictive behavior, neglecting nurturing of relationships. This leads to disruption in family relationships as well as friendships
* Memory Loss and Insomnia – Dependency and addiction to alcohol causes people to forget things. This leads to major disruptions in life and day-to-day activities.
* Damage to Career and Employment – Bad performance, absenteeism, poor judgment, causing accidents or compromising safety in general
* Domestic / Partner Violence – Research has demonstrated a strong correlation between alcohol use and violence in domestic or partner relationships
* Legal Repercussions – For example, arrests for drinking while intoxicated
* Greater Susceptibility to Accidents – For example, while driving or operating machinery

Let’s face it – nobody wins, including you, family, friends, employer, and society as a whole. Please seek help today if you have a drinking problem. Give us a call or email us. If, for any reason, you feel we’re not right for you, don’t give up. Be determined. Get into recovery – love yourself, love life.

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