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Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Give Up Alcohol With The Help Of Appropriate Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem that can affect many aspects of your life like health, relationships, career and financial status. If you continue to drink alcohol as a way to relax or relieve stress, and you’re dependent on alcohol, it will become destructive – if it hasn’t already. Alcohol abuse and dependency will only cause misery, for you and those you care about. It can also be very dangerous for others, e.g., driving while under the influence. Getting into a treatment increases the probability of recovery.

Phases In Alcohol Abuse Treatment Offered At Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia

For some, alcohol abuse and dependency requires detoxification treatment. Detoxification is the process through which your body withdraws from alcohol. It takes place before the therapy treatment process begins. Most of people, who have alcohol withdrawal, find it very difficult to go through this process, owing to the very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia clients receive detox, if needed, through our JCI-accredited partnering hospital, Bangkok Hospital-Pattaya. With them, you get a safe and comfortable environment to help you reduce the discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms and cleanse the alcohol from your body.

If you are under the care of a psychiatrist or psychologist before coming to Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, we will work closely with him/her to make sure your current treatment for any mental health issues is appropriately considered in your recovery program. For example, you may be taking medication prescribed by your psychiatrist. We will work with your doctor to assure that your medication protocol continues while you work your recovery program.

Behavioral therapy:
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Behavioral therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy and motivation enhancement therapy, have proven to be beneficial in alcohol abuse treatment. In cognitive behavior therapy, you and our professional counselor work through one-to-one sessions to identify the factors that influence you to drink. He’ll teach you healthful ways to cope and deal with life’s issues and your reasons for drinking.

Get sober safely with alcohol abuse treatment:

Alcohol abuse treatment helps you to give up alcohol and live a clean, sober life. Professionals can help you to beat the bonds of addiction. Life can change for the positive.

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