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Drug Trafficking Belize

37% of All Cocaine Destined for the USA Goes Through Belize

Ross Kemp on Gangs visits Belize City, where 37% of all cocaine destined for the USA is shipped through. The local gangs are rewarded for safe shipments with drugs, guns, and money.

Belize: The 6th Most Likely Place in the World to Die of a Gunshot Wound
The U.S. State Department has described the situation in Belize City as, “Critical,” with over 23 gangs and 3,000 gangsters, Belize City has quickly become one of the most dangerous places on earth. In a city of only 69,000 residents, there were over 100 gang related murders last year, meaning 1 in 690 people were killed last year alone in Gang related incidents. The largest majority of all of these killings were in one way or another gang related.

With extreme poverty, no social safety net, and very few drug treatment programs, it is extremely unlikely that once someone has gotten into the gang lifestyle and environment that they will be able to get out. The largest majority of the cocaine comes into Belize via the ocean; with hundreds of miles of coastline, it is very difficult to patrol.

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