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GEO Group Private Correctional Centers

Private Corporations Operating Prisons

In the USA, there are over 2,000,000 people in prison; 60% are there for drug and drug related crime.

Should Non-Violent Drug Users Be Locked Up with Other Criminals?
In the USA, there are over two million people incarcerated in prison. Approximately 60% are there for drug crimes. Many times over the years lobby groups have been trying to pass bills to treat non-violent drug offenders rather then sentencing them to prison time.

GEO Group, a Private Correctional Corporation is Traded on The Stock Market
GEO Group is a private correctional company traded on the stock market. They operate 118 correctional facilities in the USA, with as many as 81,000 beds. In 2009, their gross revenue was over 1 billion dollars. Is it appropriate that private corporations have such a large stock in the decisions on what constitutes a crime and is deserving of incarceration in the USA? Should anyone one be receiving financial benefits from people being imprisoned?

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