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Forgiving Yourself

Forgiving oneself is not easy, as it takes courage, acceptance, and love. For people who have a drug or alcohol problem, this is especially difficult. While they take the path towards forgiveness, they also have to go on a journey towards sobriety.

At DARA, forgiving oneself is one of the first things we address. Before we have them make amends for their past actions, we help them acknowledge their humanity. We encourage them to be kind and loving towards themselves. If you want to succeed in your own treatment, remember that you need to forgive yourself for your past actions. If don’t know where to start, here are the first few steps:

Recognize That Everyone Makes Mistakes

Acknowledging that making mistakes is human nature is your first step towards forgiving yourself. Everyone messes up, after all. Don’t beat yourself up for getting into your addiction or relapsing for the fifth time. Choose to relax and recognize that everyone makes mistakes.
Realize That You Have the Capability to Change

What makes forgiving so difficult is not being able to see past your mistakes. For instance, once you’re labeled an addict, you stick to it. You think that you will always be that way. What you need to do is to accept the fact that you can’t do anything much about your past deeds. Realize that you have the power to change the future. At DARA, we enable our clients to make the right choices.

Release All the Negativity from Your System

If you have any negative thoughts about yourself, release it. If you have any regrets about your past actions, let goof it. If you have doubts or fears about the future, be free from it. Release all the negativity from your body so you can make room for new and better things in your life. Grudges, bitterness, and remorse are like poison. Keeping it in your system will give you a slow death, both for your physical body and your spiritual soul.

Forgiving yourself is a personal journey and only you can decide whether or not you want to take it. If you need help with this aspect of your recovery, contact us. We help people find themselves, discover their identities, and start their way towards a healthier and better life.

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