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Looking in the Mirror and Recognizing Alcoholic Addiction

Social drinking is part of our culture, which can lead to alcohol abuse without realizing that it’s becoming a problem. Alcohol abuse can cause health problems, damage relationship, and create other major issues. But the biggest danger is developing a dependence on alcohol.

When you know someone who has a drinking problem, you might wonder at what point he or she would be considered an alcoholic.

Not Meeting Responsibilities

Medical experts consider alcohol dependence to be an actual physical need to drink, which leads to being unable to meet responsibilities. These include not performing at work and then getting suspended, being frequently late or absent, or neglecting other duties.

Personal or Social Difficulties

Insisting on drinking alcohol regardless of continued or repeated personal or social difficulties, verbal or physical aggression with a loved one, or frequent arguments about the substance use, is a major sign of alcoholism.

Often Forgetting Things Temporarily

Alcohol affects everyone differently, depending on the genes and other factors. Researchers speculate that heavy drinking interferes with how people remember by disrupting a key brain messenger called glutamate, which has a link to memory.

Going through Withdrawal

Going through withdrawal when not using alcohol and experiencing symptoms such as tremors, restlessness, and agitation are some signs that a person is an alcoholic. Alcoholics also take the substance or a similar one to prevent the effects of withdrawal.

When heavy alcohol use leads to an actual physical need to drink, people are said to be alcoholic. Recognizing addiction is the first step to recovery. Instead of rejecting and abandoning them, take action and help them recognize their addiction.

If you know someone who has this problem, get him to stop by sending him to DARA. We help people who need to take the necessary steps to regain control of their lives. We provide immeasurable benefits to people who need treatment for their addiction. With our intensive programs, patients will be able to find themselves, discover their identities, and start their way towards a healthier and better life.

Call us today to learn about our alcohol rehab programs.

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