Pull Away from Temptation: Avoiding Alcohol Relapse

Completing an alcohol rehab program is a significant accomplishment. It’s a difficult challenge, but the results will be well worth the hard work. For some people, however, the challenge is far from over. Refusing even one bottle of alcoholic beverage can be more challenging than going through the initial treatment. There’s still the possibility of a relapse, which can cause a rift in maintaining full recovery.

Here are some steps to help people prevent alcohol relapse for optimum recovery:

Stay Away from Alcohol Triggers

As much as many try to resist, there are still times they get the urge to pick up old habits. You have to stay away from places or situations that can remind you of times when you used to drink. If you have to meet with friends, meet them somewhere you won’t be tempted to order a scotch or a cocktail. Make a sobriety plan so you’ll know what triggers you to drink alcohol.

Don’t Suppress Your Emotions

Stress, anger, depression – keeping these bottled up can cause great mental and emotional pressure, which can make you vulnerable to relapses. Instead of suppressing these emotions, look for an outlet or express yourself more so you won’t be tempted to drink again. It also helps to maintain a positive mindset. Learn from mistakes so you can stay true to your commitment of living an alcohol-free life.

Start Great Hobbies

One of the secrets to avoiding relapses is keeping busy of other things. Start hobbies that will keep you occupied. Playing sports can be a great way to keep your mind off the alcohol while maintaining a healthy body. Do things that spark your interests so you won’t revert to old drinking habits.

Find Support from Loved Ones

We always find ourselves getting strength from those people around us, but what if the influence they bring does anything but good? It’s important to find support from those who truly want to see you recover from alcohol abuse. You might need to pull away from those who usually hang out at bars or parties, but the benefits can be worth it to maintain an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Staying alcohol-free is a difficult journey. If you or a loved one is trying to keep sober, contact us. Let us help you on the road to recovery.

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