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Alcohol Abuse: Breaking Bonds and Trusts

Alcoholism can break even the strongest bonds among partners. The abuse creates a huge gap between partners, which usually result to breakups or failed marriages. A research made by The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism shows that many problems arise in relationships where one of the spouses is suffering from alcohol abuse.

Here are some of the recurring relationship problems brought on by alcoholism:

Communication Problems

Affected couples usually have trouble communicating and maintaining a connection with each other due to the situation. In most cases, the alcoholic shows negative or hostile communication. This causes distress between partners, which, in turn, only adds to the tension and dissatisfaction with the relationship.

Trust Issues

Lying often becomes an issue for an alcoholic, which breaks the emotional trust in the relationship. In some cases, both spouses engage in illicit affairs due to the lack of warmth, understanding, and trust in their current relationship. The alcoholic may sometimes feel insecure and act jealous towards the non-drinking partner, only causing further strains on their bond.


Most alcoholics often have trouble controlling their emotions, especially whenever they’re under heavy influence. They lash out to children or shout hurtful words to their partners, which may eventually result in violence. Studies show that the more frequently intoxicated an alcoholic is, the higher chances they are to be physically and verbally abusive to their spouse and children. Alcoholics may not remember the incidents, but their spouse and children may carry the physical, mental, and emotional scars throughout their lives.

Financial Issues

Alcohol abuse causes financial strain due to excessive purchase and consumption of the substance. The non-drinking spouse might feel some resentment towards the alcoholic partner due to the destructive nature of alcohol abuse. In worst cases, the alcoholic may even steal from the non-drinking spouse, which only adds fuel to feelings of distrust and resentment.

Breaking the Habit

Most alcoholics think is that they’re only causing problems to themselves and not hurting the people around them. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. The effects of alcohol abuse always extend to the people around the alcoholic.

If a loved one or someone you know is suffering from alcohol abuse, DARA can help. Our center aims to lead people to a life free from alcohol and drug abuse. Call us for more information about our services.

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