Healing the Addicted Brain from Alcohol Abuse

Some people commonly view drinking alcohol as lighthearted fun or a way to interact with others in a social setting. Drinking at dinner parties and black tie events can seem harmless, but these are the perfect places for addicts to exploit the opportunity to excessively use alcohol. If your family member or loved one is addicted to alcohol, treating the problem takes more than willpower. He or she develops an Addicted Brain and the drive to seek alcohol becomes more difficult to control. The following are some of the characteristics and effects of alcohol addiction to the brain.

  • Makes it more difficult for an individual to deal with social situations and daily pressure.
  • The chemical dopamine in the brain is damaged and causes repeated alcohol abuse making it difficult for your friend or loved one to stop.
  • Interacting or reacting in stressful situations becomes difficult.
  • Alcohol creates a significant change in the brains metabolism.

Once the structure of the brain changes how it previously functioned, your loved one or friend’s personality changes. This happens because the dopamine levels in the brain are lowered. Dopamine contributes to the experience of pleasure and plays a role in learning and memory. In turn, he or she develops an Addicted Brain. As the chase continues or after long term use of alcohol, your loved one develops a higher tolerance for alcohol. Today medical professionals recognize addiction as a chronic disease that gets worse over time without treatment. Alcoholism is one of the top three causes of death. Your loved one must receive multi-dimensional treatment to maintain long-term sobriety.

  • Family therapy, individual or group therapy.
  • Recovering while making a healthy diet and nutrition a lifestyle.
  • 12-step groups, trauma or stress management.
  • Dual disorder medications if necessary and or anti addiction medications.

Treatment for alcohol addiction trails behind other addictions since it can sometimes be taken lightly by the individual abusing or friends and family, but treatment is required in order for your loved one to get better. Although the brain changes, it can recover but it takes time. First, it takes your loved one to be aware of the problem. Remember that if left untreated, the symptoms do not get better over time, they only get worse. Treatment should not be taken lightly. Beginning a life of recovery from alcohol is a life and death situation. Which one will you choose? Join the conversion on our Facebook and follow us for more on information on alcoholism and treatment.

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