Addiction – Why Me? It’s Simple – It Can Be Anyone!

A question addicts from every walk of life will ask themselves on a regular basis is: Addiction – Why Me?

Let’s take a look at some of the answers to this question and what those suffering from addiction can do to turn their lives around:

Everyone is different:

The human mind and body is a very complex machine. Millions of ‘cogs’ need to turn on a constant basis to ensure you function in a normal manner, but while your make-up may be similar it also allows for different reactions depending upon the individual.

Some can take excessive amounts of pain, others shy away from the least bit of hurt. Some have endurance beyond belief, others have little staying power. There are those with a slow metabolism others are the opposite.

We could go on, but the picture is clear. Individual’s minds and body’s react differently to different situations.


This is an important aspect that differs from person to person and is related to the question: Addiction – Why me?

Examples of the body’s limits will be known to all. Some can eat as if food is going out of fashion, others survive on far smaller amounts. There are those that can drink copious amounts of alcohol and not be affected nearly as much as others who feel light headed after a glass or two.

Illegal drugs can offer the same results. There are those who have a capacity to take far larger amounts than others.

But if your addiction is related to drink or drugs then no matter what capacity you have for either there is one thing that is always lurking:


This is the major lead into addiction and one solid answer to: Addiction – Why me?

When you drink on a regular basis or take drugs as part of your daily routine you are opening your mind and body up to dependence.

They both like what they are receiving and demand more. These feelings and thoughts urge you to have another drink or prepare another hit.

The problem is that by taking the same amount each time means does not offer the same pleasurable feelings as previously experienced.

There is an obvious solution: Take more of the same and decrease the time between use.

While this is an obvious solution it is also the key that unlocks the dependence door. The more you take, the more you need, and so the routine continues with ever increasing amounts being consumed or taken.

Before you know it you cannot live without alcohol or drugs, you slide deeper into the addiction abyss and ask yourself another question:

Deepening addiction – Why me?

Once a person is dependent upon their ‘poison of choice’ there is no easy way out. Simply trying to stop use upsets your mind and body. They rebel and let you know in no uncertain way how unhappy they are.

If you try to starve them of their expected and regularly increasing supply they make their displeasure known in the form of nasty withdrawal symptoms.

To counteract this your mind offers a strong solution. That solution is to recommence use which is a surefire way of stopping those unwanted withdrawal symptoms.

The vast majority of those who try to come off drink or drugs on their own will fail. They will start with the greatest intention, but the pull of their dependence is far stronger.

In a short time frame they will be back on the bottle, popping another pill, preparing another line or getting the syringe primed.

Can anything be done?

Those who feel there is no hope and no answer to their constantly recurring question: Addiction – Why me? MUST think again.

There is hope, there is help, and there is a solution.

This solution comes in the form of professional rehab services that offer an addict a way out of their dependence.

While outpatient rehab is an option, many who wish to get on top of, and overcome their addiction opt for a stint as an inpatient at a rehabilitation establishment.

This choice offers those with addiction the best possible chance of changing their tune. A successful stay at a well-established rehab resort will allow them to say over and over again. Addiction – It was me.

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