Counting The Cost Of Alcohol Addiction – It Has Ruined Many

Counting the cost of alcohol addiction will be an eye-opener for many.

It is vitally important for those currently suffering from alcoholism, and for those whose alcohol intake is getting out of hand to understand the damage they are causing.

These costs need to be hammered home to anyone who is seeing the bottom of their glass on an all too regular basis.

We will leave the most obvious cost until last, start with an issue that solely affects the person drinking, and sandwich in between a social cost that devastates families and relationships and really does not bear thinking about.

Counting the cost of alcohol addiction – Health issues:

When you drink alcohol it is absorbed into your bloodstream. What this means in plain and simple terms is that affects every part of your body.

Drinking in moderation will do no harm. Indeed it can add to the enjoyment of social events and times spent with friends and partners, but the key word here is “moderation”.

Those who go overboard in the drinking stakes are leaving themselves wide open to some very nasty physical problems.

Your liver is first in the firing line. When alcohol is consumed it must pass via the liver. Excessive intake swamps the liver meaning it is unable to breakdown harmful substances.

Stomach problems such as ulcers, bloating and excess gas are common, your cardiovascular system has to work that much harder to keep the body functioning, this system is extremely powerful and resilient, but like everything it has limits.

This is why those drinking to excess will end up counting the cost of alcohol addiction in terms of irregular heartbeats, strokes and heart attacks.

There are a host of other health issues to consider such as damage to the nervous system, serious problems with teeth and gums, bowel issues and sexual dysfunction. For men it can lead to impotence, women infertility issues.

There is a list longer than both arms to discuss regarding excessive alcohol consumption and health, but surely the brief snippets above are a stark enough warning that continued heavy drinking will lead to long spells in hospital, and for many an early delivery to the undertaker’s doorstep.

Counting the cost of alcohol addiction – Personal relationships:

Forget for a moment that continued and excessive drinking will exclude you from social circles where friends could well find you boorish and self-opinionated. But you must not, and cannot forget what your drinking is doing to personal relationships.

You are devastating family unity, you are trying the patience of your loved ones to the absolute limits and causing grief, anguish, tears and heartbreak to those who love and care so dearly for you.

The vast majority of those closest to you will continue to put up with your behaviour above and beyond the call of duty, but everyone has their limits.

When your partner and loved ones finally reach this limit you will be off-limits to them and alone. The surefire result of this exclusion is that you will hit the bottle even harder. Such an action will surely lead to continuing devastation of their and your life.

Counting the cost of alcohol addiction – Financial:

This is probably the most obvious cost that many relate to excessive drinking. Rocket science is not required to tell you that the more you drink the more you spend.

The amount you spend on alcohol is done so at the expense of other things such as family welfare, housing improvements, holidays and personal appearance.

Alcohol becomes all-consuming and whatever it costs to fund your drinking will be spent over and above other financial responsibilities.

There is countless evidence that spending excessive amounts on the need to feed your alcohol dependence ruins far more than your bank balance.

Stop counting the cost of alcohol addiction – start seeking help:

Those who have drink dependence issues need alcohol rehab assistance. This comes in many forms and has been around for many a year.

If you wish to save your health, wealth and those all-important close relationships please put the top firmly back on the bottle and contact an alcohol rehab establishment without further delay.

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