How Heavy Drinking Affects Your Sex Life – Things To Consider

Let’s take a look at how heavy drinking affects your sex life, and give examples of the unnecessary risks both men and women face if they are drinking to excess on a regular basis.

I thought alcohol was an aphrodisiac:

Alcohol has been lauded as an aphrodisiac throughout history and it must be said that this claim to fame is spot on, but with a very large caveat: It will only enhance your libido and sexual desire when taken in moderation.

If a drink does not particularly float your sexual boat, please do not be worried, many feel the same way, while others are naturally blessed with a strong sexual desire and certainly do not  need alcohol to fire their love cylinders.

The word for such strong desire is: Concupiscence… That should impress your friends…

So, those who over imbibe over one session, or on a regular basis will find that rather than enhancing their sexual performance it does exactly the opposite in a variety of unwanted and embarrassing ways.

As we have confirmed that drinking alcohol in moderation can have positive sexual effects it would be crass not to mention some of these before delving into our main focus: How heavy drinking affects your sex life.

Moderate Drinking – Sexual Positives:

Men who drink moderately are more likely to have increased sexual desire. This is particularly the case when they are in their prime. As for younger men, many find that after consuming a small amount of alcohol they achieve an erection more easily.

The good news for women who drink in moderation is that a glass or two of red wine each day can leave them with higher feelings of sexual desire.

An advantage for both sexes is that a little tipple helps lower inhibitions. For couples this can make for a far livelier sex session.

As for single men and women, many find it easier to make that first introduction to someone they take a shine to. Without that ‘stiffener’ their shyness or lack of self-confidence could well prevent them from making this first move.

How heavy drinking affects your sex life:

Men and women who regularly drink alcohol in excessive amounts are prone to suffer from reduced sexual sensitivity and a lower, slower sexual response rate.

Negative sexual effects – Women:

In the case of women they often experience reduced lubrication during foreplay and intercourse. It goes without saying that this certainly does not add to the comfort factor experienced during a sex session.

Many find it harder to reach orgasm, and if they do achieve one it is far less intense.

Couple those 2 issues together and it is easy to see why women who are heavy drinkers would rather have their glass topped up than bother with a sexual romp.

Any woman who is hoping to start a family but is regularly drinking more than the recommended guidelines is waging a war against herself. Excessive alcohol consumption often lowers their fertility.

How heavy drinking affects your sex life – Men:

Brewer’s Droop has been responsible for millions of men the world over encountering a situation they would much rather forget.

After a heavy drinking session and armed with colourful sexual thoughts and deeds they intend to share with their partner things rapidly go pear-shaped, and to their utter dismay they find this anticipated coupling comes to less than nought.

While their imagination is working overtime and is more than up for it their penis has other ideas and shrinks in the other direction. To add insult to injury, the harder they try to conjure a solid erection the less it responds.

This situation is bad enough as a once off or very occasional experience, but if it occurs more often than not to those who are hooked on booze they will rapidly lose interest in sex.

A large part of the reason for this is surely because they cannot face heaping further embarrassment on themselves.

Brewer’s Droop is classed as a temporary condition, but it should be understood that continued heavy drinking can increase the risk of more permanent erectile dysfunction problems such as impotence.

How heavy drinking affects your sex life – Men and Women:

This section relates to issues affecting both men and women. It is an oft stated fact by both sexes that they would never have allowed such situations to develop had they been sober.

Liquid courage = Decreased inhibitions and reckless behaviour:

As the drink count increases, so a person’s inhibitions decrease. They will feel bolder, more open and allow things to happen they would normally never entertain. Take a look at these examples:

Unprotected sex:

Being too far gone to care can lead to some serious issues. Having unprotected sex is up there with the most damming.

Think of the risk you are leaving yourself open to in terms of sexually transmitted diseases. While the majority of these infections can be treated in a reasonable timescale, they can come with symptoms that leave you feeling very uncomfortable.

Please also bear in mind the potentially embarrassing visit to your doctor or STD clinic. Surely this alone should serve as a memorable reminder on how heavy drinking affects your sex life.

Of course, that is not the only risk you are taking. How about considering unwanted pregnancies. The amount of women taking such a risk is frightening.

This is borne out by a massive demand for the emergency contraceptive pill; more commonly referred to as the ‘morning after pill’, every Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning of the year.

Beer Goggles:

The description should amuse most, and the recounting of such an experience by those who have suffered this fate will raise giggles, guffaws and downright hysterical laughter from those listening, but it goes without saying that such an encounter is extremely embarrassing for those involved.

Basically, the more alcohol you consume the more skewed your vision and perception become. You could well be struggling to walk straight let alone see straight, hence that man or woman next to you in the bar or club really does look like the sexiest thing you have ever seen and this unfortunate liaison is well and truly rolling!

Fast forward to the next morning. You wake up with a head full of jangling spanners, wish to goodness you could find your sunglasses even though the curtains are drawn (hopefully, but not definitely) and suddenly you become very aware of that ‘attractive’ person next to you.

Wrong! Had you been sober you would never have entertained such a liaison and are forced to make a rapid, embarrassing departure.

Hopefully this ‘walk of shame’ is accompanied by a stern self-scolding. This should major on the fact that if this is how heavy drinking affects your sex life you want none of it.

Enjoy and Enjoy:

When you consider how heavy drinking is affecting your sex life surely it is time to take stock. Sex should be an enjoyable, entertaining and fulfilling pastime for consenting adults and drinking alcohol is a pastime enjoyed by millions.

Combine moderate drinking with a healthy sex life and you have a good part of that contentment recipe going for you.

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