Standout Addiction Behaviour That Gives You Away

Those dependent upon drugs may think they are successfully hiding their habit from others, but obvious signs of standout addiction behavior will, over time point a very direct finger in your direction.

Here is a selection of the many signs displayed by those whose regular and increased need for their drug of choice give them away.

Mood swings:

Continued use of drugs creates a dependence that affect your body and mind. These effects mean that when you are high you will feel good. This will be reflected in your manner. Many become overly talkative, others far more considerate towards their loved ones and those closest to them.

The opposite has to be said if you have gone too long without that much needed fix. Grumpiness and negativity are often accompanied by outbursts of anger and rage over small issues that usually would not even register on the annoyance scale.

Such behaviour will at first confuse those around you. They will wonder what they are doing to cause such changes in your attitude and the strength of reaction you display to events that really are insignificant.

It will not be long before this confusion turns to suspicion. This suspicion will be based around the fact that it is not their actions that are causing such mood swings, it has everything to do with you.

Regular disappearances:

Be honest with yourself, how often do you excuse yourself from those around you for a ‘bathroom break?’ If this is at home you can use the excuse of retiring to your bedroom for that much needed boost, although regular and extended absences will soon raise suspicions.

If at a social event your regular excuses for the need to ‘powder your nose’ will only hold for so long.

You know full well that such absences will eventually raise eyebrows and conjecture, but you will be unable to resist the need to feed your ever growing habit because this will be the only thing that really matters to you.

Personal grooming:

Many of those who are speeding towards full-scale addiction place personal grooming and appearance low down their list of priorities. They dress with whatever is on hand whether this has already been worn or not, and their personal hygiene often takes a back seat.

This is coupled with a gradual downturn in general health. Typical signs are weight loss, extra-large or dilated pupils and a gaunt look. As this unhealthy appearance and disheveled look develops those around you will realise that there is something seriously wrong with you.

Failure to meet expectations:

Work and any appointments made will be attended to when you are in the mood, however that mood will often mean that you simply can’t be bothered, or you genuinely forget your obligations.

From a social point of view when you are as high as a kite you will effusively make promises to go here, do this, and participate in that. When pleasantly topped up all things suggested will be very much on the cards.

The problem is that those mood swings we mentioned and your general malaise will mean that what sounded like a good idea at the time rapidly turns into something you have no intention whatsoever of fulfilling.

This can leave loved ones and friends disappointed and saddened by broken promises and false hope.

Stop fooling yourself:

The damage your dependence upon drugs is doing is not only affecting your physical and mental health, it is devastating those closest to you. They know your actions and reactions are unjust and uncalled for and deep down you know this too.

Continued denial will lead to you being shunned and alone. The response to this is often a rapid increase in drug use and deeper depression.

Professional drug rehabilitation services are widely available. They are not there to judge they are there to assist.

It is vital you seek this assistance sooner rather than later. Please be honest with yourself. Failure to do anything about your dependence issues cannot and must not be an option.

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