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Top 10 Addiction Symptoms and the Signs of Substance Abuse


Unfortunately it is not always blaringly obvious that someone you care for or love is addicted to a substance. Other times, it may be very obvious that there is an addiction problem in this person’s life. Check out the top 10 more common addiction symptoms so that you can quickly identify addiction and help someone you care about who is suffering.

  1. Drastic changes in behavior or uncontrolled mood swings.
  2. Spending money without any reasonable explanations as to why this amount of money is being spent or asked for.
  3. Neglecting appearance and having a lack in clean clothing, their looks, or typical grooming routines.
  4. Physical health issues.
  5. Having a total lack of energy or motivation.
  6. Lashing out at school or work.
  7. The addict may feel the need to use drugs repeatedly to feel happy or to function.
  8. Engaging in risky behavior such as driving under the influence or having unprotected sex with numerous partners.
  9. Addicts may try and reason with themselves as to why they need the substance to function in one hand, but reason with themselves as to why they need to stop as they are coming down from a high.
  10. Failing multiple times to stop abusing their substance of choice.

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