Binge Drinking – A Serious Warning Comes Attached

Many make the huge mistake of believing that binge drinking does little harm. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Here are some reasons that will hopefully explain exactly how dangerous and damaging these excessive sessions can be.

Two aggression factors:

Too much alcohol affects different people in different ways. Some become boisterous and are the life and sole of a gathering, others simply fall asleep. Then there are those who disappear for extended periods looking green around the gills.

While these reactions can be embarrassing they tend to do little harm to others. However, the darker side of a person under the influence of alcohol can also show through greatly increased aggression.

Increased aggression while out and about:

Those who binge drink can quickly lose control of their temper. This leads to confrontational situations which result in them assaulting others or being assaulted themselves.

Personal injury, injury to others or damage to property is a common outcome of such violent outbursts and often leads to the involvement of law enforcement.

If a person is apprehended causing or being involved in trouble and subsequent charges are laid against them then a criminal record is a distinct possibility. This ‘certificate’ is certainly not something you will want to attach to your C.V.!

Increased aggression around the home:

This is another sad, unwanted and often cowardly form of aggression that affects those who are drunk. Upon returning home a wrong word spoken or a quick-fire, heated argument that breaks out can rapidly turn violent.

Those under the influence of alcohol often attack their partner or family members in a way that would not occur when sober.

This type of incident can cause repercussions which often lead to partnership difficulties or rifts that are never fully healed.

Decreased inhibitions:

It is a well-known fact that alcohol lowers inhibitions. Excessive alcohol often gives way to recklessness. This means a person allows themselves to become embroiled in things they would never normally entertain.

Examples are drinking and driving, unprotected sex and trespass. Such blurred, spur of the minute actions can have consequences that really do not bear thinking about.

Employment consequences:

Binge drinking may seem like a great idea at the time, but the morning after the night before is something we do not need to dwell on for those who regularly participate in such heavy sessions.

Upon waking the room often appears to be spinning. Nauseous feelings and the loud, off-tune brass band banging away in your head are certainly unwanted as is the desire to attend your place of employment. Many will phone in feigning illness, others can’t even summon up the strength to call.

Those who do make it to their work will certainly not be performing at their best, and make no mistake, this will not go unnoticed by your management.

This is not a recommended route for career progression!

Don’t do it:

Everyone who wishes should be allowed to enjoy a drink with partners or friends, but for your own good and the sake of others, please do so in sensible measures.

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