How Addiction Can Take Over Your Life

Addiction is something that can rapidly take over a person’s life. The need, desire and hunger for the next fix rapidly becomes something of an obsession.

Let’s take a look at why as well as considering some stand-out pointers that show addiction is firmly entrenched.

Not blind, but refuse to see:

Without fully realising it addiction turns someone totally dependent upon their substance of choice into a very selfish person.

This is certainly not because they mean to hurt others, it is simply because their need is so all-consuming that it takes priority over everything.

An addict’s urge to feed their habit overrides all.

  • Not blind but refuse to see: Addicts play down the heartache, angst and concern they are causing to their loved ones.
  • Not deaf but refuse to hear: They are also not deaf, but block out pleas from those around them who, quite rightly assert that the situation is now out of hand and something must be done.

An addict must take the brave stance of looking at the damage they are causing and listen to those closest to them. Until this is done they will continue to destroy their lives and deeply affect that of others.

Pointers that addiction currently has the better of you:

There are many signs that show a person is addicted. We will consider just 5 key pointers. It stands to reason the more of these affecting a person, the more entrenched their addiction is.

  • Anxiety – This is baggage every addict must carry. Anxiety levels are raised over things that would not normally concern, and levels of anxiety are certain to increase if ever their stash is near exhaustion or they are uncertain as to where their next hit will come from.
  • Fear – The fear an addict has can run many courses. These include the fear of their habit being uncovered, being apprehended by police while in possession of illegal substances, their employers suspecting and requesting drugs tests be carried out, but the biggest fear is that of not being able to secure your much-needed substance.
  • Depression – A depressive state is something addicts are used to. Deep down they are depressed about the current state of their lives, and, yes, while they are high and have a healthy supply in their possession things feel good, but there is always a nagging feeling that the constant challenges of maintaining this state will not last.
  • Mood Swings – Erratic mood swings are synonymous with an addict. One moment they are happy and easy going, the next sullen, moody and ready to snap at the least little thing.
  • Appearance – It is quite understandable that a person dependent upon their substance of choice will see changes in their physical appearance and personal grooming. Addiction rarely allows for a regular, healthy diet. This means weight loss or, occasionally, weight gain are common and when a habit is so all-consuming it is often the case that personal grooming takes a very firm back seat.

Don’t let addiction rule your life:

It is vitally important to understand that there is a way out of addiction. It will not be an easy ride, but it is eminently achievable. By taking immediate action and seeking professional help an addict is taking a massive step towards recovery.

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