Secret Drinking – One Secret You Should Not Keep To Yourself

Anyone who is hiding behind a secret drinking problem must understand that this is not a secret they should keep to themselves.

Stereotypical secret drinker:

There is not one! Both men and women are affected, secret drinkers come from all walks of life and differing social backgrounds. They can live alone or exist in a family environment, but two things they do have in common relate to an underlying guilt as to the amount of alcohol they consume on an all to regular basis, and the reasons they are hiding this problem from others.

Why do so many choose this route?

There are countless reasons that men and women choose to drink  alone. High on the list are relationship difficulties, loneliness, because of a deeply significant incident that has affected their lives, extreme anxiety or they are suffering from constant feelings of stress.

A silent cry for help:

The general consensus from professionals whose expertise is alcohol addiction is that secret drinking has its roots in a silent cry for help. A cry that is stifled through fear of being found out, or from a perceived embarrassment relating to their current situation.

Anyone who depends on alcohol to get them through the day is an expert in denial. This is denial that enables them to self-convince that their problem is not as serious as it really is, and by denying to others exactly how much they are drinking as well as playing down the subsequent effects.

An extremely damaging habit:

Many secret drinkers will have a ritual of using several different watering holes during a session to mask from others the actual amount they are drinking, but the most common form of secret drinking is carried out in the home.

Bottles are stored, hidden and always available. The big problem here is that each measure is usually a generous one and there is certainly no counting with regard to how often the glass is replenished.

This approach to alcohol consumption rapidly increases a person’s dependence upon alcohol. It also increases the physical and mental health issues of the person concerned.

Don’t hide your problem:

Anyone trying to mask the seriousness of their secret drinking is only fooling themselves. This may sound harsh, but it is the reality. The untold damage to a person’s health and wellbeing must be addressed.

There should be no shame whatsoever in seeking professional, confidential assistance.

Your doctor can help and there are outpatient clinics geared up to assist. One extremely positive way to address such a problem is availing yourself of treatment at an established inpatient clinic.

A spell as a client in a fully-focussed environment is seen by many as the most positive way in which a person can confront their issues, understand them and begin the challenging journey to sobriety.

It will not be an overnight solution:

This journey may well be challenging and will certainly not be an overnight achievement. But, as countless numbers of men and women have proved in the past and will continue to do so in the future; it is a challenge that can be overcome.

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