The Benefits Of Addiction Recovery Resorts

If your drug of choice currently has the better of you, or the amount and regularity of alcohol being consumed is something you cannot stop, professional rehabilitation is required.

Dependence will not go away on its own:

A major reason for deepening dependence is denial. An addict will deny to themselves and others that there is a problem with the amount of alcohol they are drinking, or the regularity of drug use at which drugs are being used.

They will insist they are in control when in reality the problem is far worse than it appears.

Continued denial means that an addict will not seek the professional help that is so desperately required. While this stance continues, dependence will deepen, health and social issues will continue to multiply and addiction will be that much more difficult to overcome.

The most positive treatment:

Any form of professional assistance is a major step in the right direction. Many make their health practitioner a first port of call. Others will take advantage of their local outpatient rehab facilities, but a route that is seen as the most focused and beneficial is for a person to spend time as an inpatient at a respected rehabilitation establishment.

Often referred to as addiction recovery resorts they offer a whole host of benefits. Here are just 5:

From a sterile environment to a fresh one:

The environment a person is living in is likely to have fuelled their current dependence. By taking themselves out of this environment they are avoiding the many temptations that lie in wait. Spending an extended period in a new environment that is geared towards rehabilitation is refreshing and encouraging.

Comfortable accommodation and calm surroundings:

The accommodation offered will be comfortable and the surroundings are geared towards healing. There will be gardens, communal areas where a client can mix with others undergoing treatment and peaceful spots for self-reflection.


This is something that is often missing from an addict’s life. Inpatient rehab resorts will give structured daily routines that include set meal times, exercise sessions to match a client’s ability, leisure facilities such as swimming pools and yoga or meditation rooms.

Intensive, constructive counselling sessions:

The fully qualified counsellors at these establishments treat every client as an individual. They recognise there is no ‘one fits all’ treatment. Intensive, personal counselling will establish the root causes of current problems and then agree and implement a treatment plan that is specific to each person.

There will be times when these sessions are challenging, but sugar-coating reality is of no benefit whatsoever.

A client will also participate in group counselling and therapy sessions. These will help them understand they are not the only ones working to overcome the many negative consequences addiction brings.

A solid foundation for long term sobriety:

Respected inpatient rehab resorts offer the right environment with fully focused treatment. This approach affords the best possible chance to come to terms with their current situation and a positive route towards a future free from addiction.

It will be made very clear by the councillors that this solid, positive start towards sobriety must be maintained and that aftercare is crucial. Several options will be offered to ensure one suits the client.

Combining aftercare with attendance of voluntary organisation meetings such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous will go a long way towards maintaining long term sobriety.

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