The Horrors of Heroin

Heroin is certainly not a newcomer to the drugs scene. It is arguably the most mythiscised, demonised, idolized and feared drug on the planet.

What’s the attraction?

Created over 140 years ago heroin is an opiate derived from morphine. Those who smoke or inject it receive an immediate, immensely pleasurable hit to the body and mind.

These feelings peak after around 10 minutes and can last for several hours. It is an oft repeated statement from heroin addicts that while high they are taken to a totally different level of pleasure; one they hanker after time and again.

Tolerance and dependence:

Because of the huge effects received users quickly want more. As more is taken their mind and body build a tolerance to it. This tolerance, with urging signals from the brain lead to repeated use that quickly turns into dependence and subsequent addiction.

A need where nothing stands in a user’s way:

Once a person is addicted to heroin the urges, desire and need for constant use will never leave. They become all-consuming and lead a person dependent upon ‘Smack’ to do whatever is required to ensure their next hit is secure.

If they have a job then the bulk of wages will be spent on procuring and using. Personal and family relationships will take a very firm back-seat and to supplement the amount being spent on their habit a person will do just about anything.

Two common ways to get money that will feed an ever-increasing habit are:


This has 3 strands to it. An addict generally begins by stealing from loved ones, family and friends. They know it is deeply wrong, but their need is far greater.

The second type of theft is opportunist, wherever an addict is they will be looking at things that could be stolen and used to raise money for their next batch of heroin.

The 3rd form of stealing is one that will undoubtedly get them into trouble with the police. They become so desperate that breaking into vehicles and houses becomes a risk they take and often ends up with them being held in custody.


While many associate female heroin addicts with this method of obtaining money, it is far more common amongst males than many believe. Both have such a need for their next fix that no sexual act is too degrading.

Besides the obvious issue of sexually transmitted diseases, addicts who go down this route are leaving themselves wide open to abuse, assault and serious injury.

Seek help before it is too late:

Like lots of other drugs, heroin can kill. At the very least it destroys a person’s life. Whether you have just started using or are firmly addicted it is vital that urgent, professional rehabilitation treatment is sought.

This can be obtained from your health practitioner, outpatient rehab clinic or the much more focused way of submitting to a stay as an inpatient at a respected inpatient rehabilitation clinic.

This last method is seen as the most positive way to begin a long and testing road to recovery, but it is a journey that can certainly be successfully completed.

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