Which Level Of Meth Madness Have You Reached?

Methamphetamine really is not a drug to mess with. This highly addictive substance gives a new meaning to the term ‘more needed’ and once a person is hooked it will not let go easily.

The level and extent of use has 3 classifications which will be explained shortly, but first let’s try and understand:

Why are so many attracted to Meth?

This synthetic drug is relatively easy to produce and sells quickly. The reason dealers like it so much is due to the rapid return of repeat customers. Once a person begins a Meth session they are reluctant to stop.

This is because a Meth ‘High’ has psychological as well as physical effects. Users report extreme feelings of pleasure, sky-high confidence and boundless energy.

Emotions are greatly enhanced and the thought process is altered in what is perceived as a very positive way. This overall euphoria is something that the mind and body quickly take a shine to. They like what they are being fed and back this up with ‘messages’, feelings and actions that urge the user to ‘go again and again’.

The 1, 2, 3 of Meth use:

Meth use has 3 classifications and progressive rungs of this ladder can quickly be reached in terms of how it is used, frequency of use and a situation where many find they cannot live without it.

The beginning – Low-intensity use:

The vast majority of users begin by swallowing or snorting Meth. Their reasons for using the substance are many and varied, but common excuses include using the drug to help them get an urgent task completed or finishing a written piece for an assignment.

The energy and alertness offered certainly helps complete the job in hand but many find they begin to rely on it more and more frequently.

Helping with weight loss is another common excuse. Hunger is one of the last things on a person’s mind while under the influence of Meth

Smoking Meth – A large step upwards:

Dabbing or snorting Meth certainly achieves a high, but regular use of the drug in this way encourages users to seek a more significant impact.

This is achieved by smoking the drug. This method of use allows Meth to enter the bloodstream directly. From there it makes a rapid journey to the brain. While the highs are certainly higher it also opens the door to psychological dependence.

Can’t live without it – High-intensity Meth use:

Meth builds physical and psychological dependence very quickly. The urge for more becomes a main priority. The relatively short highs enjoyed demands that a high intensity user will go back to the ‘trough’ again and again.

These users are often referred to as Speed Freaks. They will go on Meth binges that can last for days on end.

Increased amounts and shorter times between each hit are necessary. This is because the more often Meth is taken, the greater a person’s tolerance becomes. This means that for a user to achieve the same high as previously experienced they need more.

Don’t ignore increased Meth use:

Anyone using Meth must be aware that increased use can happen all too quickly. Once a person begins smoking the drug on a regular basis then professional help is a must, and should be sought as soon as possible.

If you or someone you know needs help, feel free to contact us today for a chat.

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