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Most people look at many different rehabs prior to settling on the one that is best suited for them. Having all these choices is great since you can find the best facility for your needs.

Items you should look for when choosing a drug and alcohol rehab centre:

Do you agree with the philosophy of the program?
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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia is a non-12-step program. This is not to say that it is necessarily better then other centers; just that it is different –to offer you choice. As we said above, the best program for you is the one that suits you. The main difference between a 12 step program and a non 12 step program is that, in our non 12 step program, there is no requirement for a higher power. We believe your religion is your private affair. There is no powerlessness over alcohol, and alcohol or drug abuse does not need to define your life from this point forward. We will never ask you to call yourself and “alcoholic.” In fact, from the day you stop drinking, you are a person who doesn’t drink anymore.

When doing your research for the best program to suit your needs, be sure you read and ask about what they feel addiction is, and make sure it fits with your personal belief system.

For us, we believe you are in the place you are today because of the decisions you have made which brought you to where you currently are—having a problem with substance abuse. There is nothing you can do about yesterday; however, your choices today can change tomorrow. Also, we believe nobody uses drugs or alcohol to excess because they are happy with their lives. There is always a reason a person is drinking to the point of affecting their family, health, career, etc. If we can help you understand and deal with these issues, many times the need to use drugs or alcohol to excess lessens and becomes manageable.

Can you take the time required to get healthy and deal with your substance abuse?

Traveling to a tropical country is a wonderful experience and has many benefits. You get a long ways away from your triggers, and some of the reasons why you have substance abuse issues to start with. It can provide you with a level of anonymity that is hard– if not impossible– to attain at home. All people have to know is that you are going to Thailand for a holiday (which is true, as you are going for a period of relief from work, etc.). You will have new experiences and something to remember for the rest of your life. Also, the level of care and one-to-one attention is very difficult to find in most Western countries.

On the flip side, if you have a criminal record that does not allow you to travel, have financial restraints, have serious anxiety about traveling, or cannot get enough time from work or family, you might be better suited to find a program nearer to your home. Wherever you go for treatment, your primary concern should be: ‘Is it the best place for you, and does it suit your needs?’.

Can you maintain contact with your business and family while in treatment, and should you?

Many programs believe that you should be completely removed from contact with the outside world, so that you only concentrate on your recovery. You might only get one or two “supervised” phone calls per week and little or no access to the internet or other forms of communication. There is some merit in this philosophy; however, for most people, we know it is not reasonable.

Most business people and parents I know would not be willing to be completely out of touch with their office or family; in fact, we believe this can actually hinder your progress. The stress of being completely out of touch from your office or children can be difficult, if not impossible, for most people.

At Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, there are few restrictions on phone and Internet use; in fact, you can keep your mobile phone with you and bring a laptop. There is WiFi in your room. The only thing we ask is that you shut your phone off during sessions and meal times. We do not believe it is realistic to expect people to be completely out of touch with the outside world while in treatment.

Can You Afford It?

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No doubt, private facilities are expensive and traveling is not cheap. If you have financial restraints, it might be better to find a government program closer to home. We would even go as far as to say, if finances are a major concern, you should use the money you would spend on a plane ticket to get more personalized treatment closer to home. The stress of bankrupting yourself to pay for treatment would not aid your recovery.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia has the same or superior quality of treatment you will find in Western countries at 1/2 to 1/3 of the price of similar programs. If you are comparing us to a government run facility, you are going to find us expensive; however, if you compare us to the top drug and alcohol rehabs in the USA, UK, or Australia, we are very reasonable, even when adding travel into the equation.

At Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, we believe in offering the best quality treatment available in the world at a fraction of the price of similar programs internationally. If you are looking for a personalized approach to your addiction issues with world class professionals in a beautiful location, we might be the most appropriate program for your needs.

Call one of our staff now to get the help you need. We answer the phone 24 hours a day. Call us at +66 8 7140 7788, or email us at or use the contact form.

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