Achieving Dreams in Recovery

Achieving Dreams in Recovery

Sobriety and Achieving Dreams

When people give up alcohol or drug abuse it should lead to some automatic improvements in their life. It does not usually mean that riches will instantly fall from the sky, but it does put the individual in the ideal position to begin rebuilding their life. Over time they can accomplish more and more. With plenty of hard work the individual will be able to accomplish all those things they once dreamed about. It really can seem miraculous how those in recovery can completely turn their life around.

Easier to Achieve Dreams in Sobriety

The reason why it is so much easier to achieve dreams in sobriety includes:

* Addiction prevents the individual from making the most of their potential. When they are sober their potential is no longer held back.
* Addicts will spend most of their time thinking about, obtaining, using, and getting over the effects of their favorite drug and this doesn’t leave much time for anything else. In recovery they will have a great deal more time and they can use this productively.
* An addict is their own worst enemy and will sabotage their own efforts to achieve anything. For example, they turn up hung-over at an important job interview.
* The changes involved in building a successful recovery will benefit every aspect of the individual’s life. It will also put them in a more favorable position for achieving their dreams.
* In early recovery the individual will need to develop new coping strategies in order to deal more effectively with life. These tools will also be useful when it comes to looking for success.
* There is a wise saying that claims, when the student is ready the teacher appears. It does seem to be the case that when people become sober the right people come into their life.

The Importance of Achieving Dreams in Recovery

Achieving dreams in sobriety is not just a bonus for living a better life. It is an important part of recovery because:

* The more satisfying life becomes in recovery the less likely that people will be give it up. Achieving dreams in sobriety makes it all the more precious.
* Those individuals who fall into addiction accept a life of limited potential. When people become sober they choose a different type of life that will allow them to accomplish their dreams.
* When people are addicted their life revolves around the consumption of alcohol or drugs. When they become sober they will need a new purpose for their life and achieving dreams can fill this vacuum.
* By achieving dreams the sober individual acts as an inspiration for other people. It can be particularly important for those who are still struggling with addiction to see other individuals making a success of life in recovery – it can inspire them to do the same.
* In order for people in recovery to build a strong sobriety they will usually need to make some difficult changes. Achieving dreams is a reward for this hard work.
* Most addicts suffer from low self-esteem. They can increase this by achieving things in recovery.

Types of Recovery Dreams

Every individual will have their own personal aspirations – it is a highly subjective thing. Some people will have dreams that may appear quite modest to other people but mean a great deal to the individual. Examples of the types of dreams people may have in recovery include:

* Being a good parent
* Going back to education and achieving higher qualifications
* Writing a book
* Overcoming obesity
* Getting the job they always wanted
* Finding a romantic partner
* Having children
* Travelling the world
* Learning to play a musical instrument
* Reaching a high level of physical fitness
* Becoming a respected member of the community
* Buying a nice house
* Moving to a foreign country

Facing Failure in Recovery

One of the main reasons for why people do not achieve their dreams is that they allow failure to sap their spirit. This is a real shame because there is usually no way to achieve anything of importance without facing a few setbacks along the way. Those individuals who are unable to deal with failure will often settle for a mediocre life instead. They do not realize that the only real failure is the person who stops trying. Mistakes can be a wonderful learning tool so long as the individual has the right attitude. If they fail to learn from their mistakes they will be doomed to repeat them.

The Dangers of Addiction Substitution

Achieving dreams in recovery is highly recommended, but there can be potential dangers involved in success. One of the main worries is that the individual will become obsessed about that area of life where they are achieving the most success. Those people who have been addicted to alcohol or drugs are said to have an addictive personality. This means that they can be prone to developing new maladaptive behaviors. Instead of hiding from life with alcohol or drugs they may try to do the same with something like work or exercise. This is referred to as an addiction substitution. Success in recovery is all about finding balance. The individual can work towards achieving their dreams, but they also need to leave time for other important aspects of their life.

Achieving Dreams with a Beginner’s Mind

A beginner’s mind is a wonderful asset for anyone who is in the business of achieving dreams. This refers to an attitude where people are open and willing to learn new things. They put away any preconceived ideas that they might have in order to give this new information a fair hearing. This is important because there are many individuals who allow their current ideas and beliefs to be used as a basis to dismiss what other people are saying. The individual with beginner’s mind is always willing to let go of old ideas if it means adapting better ones. Those individuals who have too many strong opinions and beliefs will find it difficult to learn anything, and this will greatly reduce their chances of finding success.

Enjoying the Process of Achieving Dreams

It is common for people in the modern world to be very goal orientated.. This means that they set themselves a task and look for the quickest way to accomplish this. They tend to view the process involved in achieving a goal as an inconvenience. This is not an ideal way to live because humans spent far more of their time working towards dreams than they do enjoying their fruition. It can mean that the individual always feels like they are waiting for their life to begin. A much better attitude for people in recovery is to be process orientated. This means that they enjoy the journey to the goal as much as the goal itself.

How to Achieve Dreams in Recovery

There are steps that people can take to increase the likelihood of achieving their dreams in recovery:

* It is important that the individual has realistic expectations. Sober people can achieve amazing things but some dreams might just not be reachable.
* When trying to achieve a dream it can be helpful to break this down into smaller goals so as to avoid being overwhelmed. When the individual achieves one of the smaller goals they will then be motivated to move onto the next.
* It usually takes a great deal of time and effort to achieve great things. The individual has to be willing to do what is needed and not expect instance success.
* Failure can be the friend of people who are trying to make things happen so long as they learn from their mistakes.
* The most successful people in the world did not get there purely by their own efforts. They were able to meet the right people and benefit from their expertise.
* The individual should not allow their pursuit of dreams to cause harm for family and friends. These individuals will likely have already suffered enough as a result of the previous addiction.
* No matter what else is happening in the life of the individual their recovery should take priority. There can be no success without sobriety.
* Cultivate beginner’s mind as this speeds up the process of achieving things.
* Humility is also a useful asset for people in recovery. It keeps their feet on the ground while enjoying the heights of achievement.
* It is a good idea for people to enjoy the process of achieving the goal. That way they won’t spend their life waiting for something to happen.
* One of the most inspirational talks about achieving dreams was given by Randy Pausch. It is called the Last Lecture and offers excellent advice for anyone hoping to find success in life.