Blogging in Recovery

Blogging in Recovery

Blogs Can Help People Stay Sober

Blogging has become a popular pastime. One of the things that makes this activity so attractive is that it is so easy to get started. All a blogger really needs is a computer and an Internet connection. There are many benefits of blogging. It could even bring fame and fortune to the writer. The wonderful thing about starting this type of online journal is that it could lead anywhere. It is going forth on a voyage to an unknown destination, with a high likelihood of great adventures along the way. Blogging can be particularly beneficial to people in recovery. It can not only make their life better, but it can also help other people who are in a similar position. Blogs really can help people stay sober and find success away from their addiction.

Blog Defined

The word _blog_ is shorthand for web log. It can be described as a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts. In other words, a blog is a type of online journal that other people can read. The meaning of the word blog has expanded in recent years to describe a range of web-based content.

Types of Blogs

Blogs come in all formats and sizes. It is up to the blogger to decide what type of blog they feel most comfortable with. These are some of the most common types of blogs:

* In the personal blog, a person just writes about their day to day experiences. It is similar to a diary. The information in this type of blog can be highly personal, and this is what makes it so valuable.
* Genre blogs focus all of their posts on a single topic. Examples include travel blogs or addiction blogs. These differ from the personal blog in that some of the articles may be more informative than personal. Some genre blogs are more like online magazines.
* Video blogs (Vlogs) are becoming increasingly popular. The content is supplied in video rather than text format.
* A photo blog is used to share life in pictures rather than in written format.

Benefits of Blogging

These are some of the major benefits for anyone who starts a blog:

* A blog gives people the chance to share their opinions and views with the rest of the world. It gives them a voice. If their thinking is flawed, then readers will be able to point out the weaknesses. Bloggers can also find like-minded souls who share their world view. It can be empowering to find that they are not alone.
* There can be a social element to blogging. A great deal of interaction with readers takes place via comments and e-mails. More experienced bloggers will use social media to promote their content, introducing them to even more people.
* Blogging is a great way to improve writing skills. Most people who start a blog will have concerns about their own grammar and spelling. Once they begin to blog regularly, they will notice significant improvements in these skills. Even those people who once considered themselves to be poor writers may find that they have quite a bit of talent.
* Some people are able to turn their blog into their full-time job. They do this by directly selling something via their site out by just adding advertisements. Once a blog becomes popular, it is easy to monetize. There is a great deal of competition in the world of blogging, and it is now much harder to make it big. It is probably best to focus on the other benefits of blogging rather than viewing it as a means to make money. This is especially true in the early stages.
* Keeping a blog is a way for people to leave their mark on their world. It might not make the blogger a worldwide celebrity, but it still may enjoy a little bit of fame.
* Regular blogging teaches people self-discipline. This is something that they can then take and use in other areas of their life.

The Benefits of Blogging in Recovery

Blogging can be particularly beneficial for people in recovery because:

* A blog can be a type of online journal. There are many benefits from journaling for people in recovery.
* Keeping a blog about recovery will encourage the individual to keep on learning new things. It will also ensure that they are regularly thinking about issues surrounding sobriety.
* Once people begin to find success in their recovery, they can forget where they have come from. This puts them in danger of taking sobriety for granted. Keeping a recovery blog serves as a constant reminder of what is important.
* When people first get sober, they may feel lonely, because it will be too dangerous for them to spend too much time around friends who are drinking or still using drugs. Blogging is a way to meet new people.
* Keeping a recovery blog can be of great value to readers. The blogger shares their experiences and will be able to inspire and provide information for other people who are trying to walk the same path. It can be a highly beneficial form of service that might change the life of some readers.

Blogging as a Type of Journaling

Journaling is recommended for people in recover because it can be highly beneficial. Keeping a blog can be a type of journaling; although the individual may want to avoid adding any personal information that could later prove damaging. These are some of the benefits of journaling:

* It gives people the opportunity to let off steam.
* Writers learn more about themselves.
* It is a way for people to track their progress in recovery.
* It encourages critical thinking.
* When people keep a journal it allows them to get in touch with their subconscious.
* Internalizing problems can blow them out of all proportion. One of the great benefits of journaling is that it puts things back into perspective.
* Reading back on a journal can motivate people when they are going through a bad patch.
* It allows people to spot negative patterns over time.
* It is nice to have a record of the individual’s path through sobriety. This is something that will be cherished later.

How to Start a Blog

Here are some important tips for starting a blog:

* There is no need to spend much money in order to start up a blog. Several blog platforms provide free hosting, and all the elements that the individual needs to start up their blog. Best of all, it will walk them through the entire process. Even and individual who has never attempted a blog before should be able to join up and have their first post on the web in less than 15 minutes. The most popular blog platforms at the moment are and blogger.
* When people start blogging, they may worry about their writing skills. While it is important to improve spelling and grammar skills, they are not essential to keeping a blog. Most bloggers struggle in the beginning, but the more they post the more their writing skills improve.
* Just because a person hates writing, this does not mean they will be unable to keep a blog. Audio and video and video blogs are also an option. YouTube blogs are simple to create, and they can be highly rewarding.
* In order to enjoy the full benefits of blogging, it is important to post regularly. Posting at least once (if not twice) a week is best.
* It is recommended that people think carefully about what they say in their blogs, because they never know who could be reading them. Revealing personal details could later prove to be embarrassing for them or others. These days, employers carry out Internet searches on the backgrounds of potential employees. If people want their blog to reveal deeply personal information, they might consider writing anonymously.
* In order to engage with visitors it is a good idea to allow comments. It is also best to reply to these comments in a timely fashion.
* Building a popular blog requires effort. It usually means learning a bit about using social media to promote the website, and gaining knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO). Bloggers can pick up this information as they go along. There is no great urgency. Some recovery bloggers never bother with SEO or social media yet they somehow manage to build a successful website. If you write honest and thought-provoking posts, then other people will promote your content for you.