Brain Entrainment for People in Recovery

Brain Entrainment for People in Recovery

Useful Tools for People in Recovery

One of the nice things about living in the modern world is there are so many different technologies available to make life easier. Those individuals who are recovering from an addiction will find that there are plenty of new technologies out there that can help them. One thing they might want to consider in this regard is brain entrainment.

Brain Entrainment Defined

Brain entrainment refers to different audio products that purport to change brain wave frequencies in order to produce certain states such as sleep, meditation, focus, alertness, or creativity. This is achieved using a variety of different tones. The most famous of these is binaural beats. These are created by mixing too frequencies together to create a new frequency inside the brain. This is a frequency that the brain would not normally be able to pick up but binaural beats trick the brain into hearing it. Brain entrainment works because brain wave frequencies have a tendency to mimic frequencies that are in the immediate outside environment.

Benefits of Brain Entrainment

The benefits of brain entrainment include:

* It can cure insomnia and help people sleep better at night.
* It can help the individual let go of stress and induce deep states of relaxation.
* It can help people concentrate and focus. It is therefore useful as learning tool and may reduce the time it takes to learn things.
* Listening to this type of audio can increase productivity levels. This means that the individual is able to accomplish more when they are working or trying to complete a personal project.
* These audio tracks can energize people so that they are able to work faster and better.
* One of the most common reasons for why people use these products is to produce altered states of consciousness. Brain entrainment can be used to produce the out of body experience or lucid dreaming.
* They can help the individual quit smoking.
* There are some products that claim to be able to help the individual overcome alcohol and drug abuse. It may be that such audio tracks are beneficial, but it is extremely doubtful that they would be enough to cure an addiction alone.
* Some people combine binaural beats with affirmations to increase their motivation and help them achieve things.
* Some brain entrainment products are said to increase creativity. This means that the person is better able to express themselves through art, and it makes it easier for them to hit upon good ideas.

Benefits of Brain Entrainment for People Recovering from an Addiction

Brain entrainment can have particular benefits for those who are recovering from an addiction such as:

* Those who are newly sober or suffering from post acute withdrawal symptoms can struggle to sleep at night and develop a regular sleeping pattern. Using those audio tracks that are designed to promote restful sleep may be of benefit to them.
* Meditation is of great value to people in recovery but many individuals complain that they just do not have the concentration for it. These brain entrainment products can provide access to this practice.
* Early sobriety can be an emotional time when the individual can sometimes feel overwhelmed by stress. By using these audio tracks the person may be better able to deal with their stress levels.
* Some people complain of fuzzy thinking during the first year of sobriety – it is like their brain is stuck in a cloud. Brain entrainment can lead to increased focus and clarity until the individual gets over these symptoms.

Using Brain Entrainment to Reach Meditative States

There are some brain entrainment products that claim to be able to help a novice to reach deeper states of meditation than an advanced Zen monk. It is difficult to assess the veracity of such claims, but there is no doubt that binaural beats and other tones can help people with meditation. One of the pioneers of this technology was Thomas Campbell who worked at the Monroe Institute where they developed hemi sync. He likens binaural beats to training wheels on a young child’s bicycle. These products can allow the individual to reach a certain level of proficiency but if they become too dependent on things like binaural beats to reach meditative states it will start to retard their development.

Brain entrainment technology seems to work particular well with those individuals who normally struggle with meditation. It opens up a whole new world for them and they can soon be enjoying all the great benefits that meditators enjoy. Eventually the individual reaches the stage where they no longer need these products because they can reach deep states of meditation without such assistance. There are also some people who seem immune to the effects of these products.

Type of Tones Used in Brain Entrainment

Brain entrainment uses a number of different types of beat including:

* Binaural tones combine two frequencies to create new frequencies that the brain would normally not be able to perceive. These tones can be used for encouraging meditative states, producing relaxation, increasing creativity, and many other uses.
* Monaural tones are similar in effect to binaural tones but they are created differently. With monaural beats the effect is create in the ear canal and not in the brain itself.
* Isochronic beats refer to regular beats of the same tone. One of the nice things about Isochornic beats is that people can enjoy the effects of these without wearing headphones.

The different types of sound frequencies created by brain entrainment include:

* Alpha creates a relaxed state and is also good for problem solving and encouraging creativity.
* Beta is good for creating high levels of concentration and focus.
* Delta is associated with dreamless sleep.
* Gamma may product moments of insight.
* Theta is associated with deep states of meditation. It can also help people produce out of body experiences or lucid dream.

Dangers of Brain Entrainment

Brain entrainment is generally believed to be safe so long as people used it as per the recommendations of the seller. Overuse of these products could lead to:

* Certain beats can leave people feeling full of energy, and this can mean that they struggle to get to sleep come bedtime. This is why it is important to become knowledgeable about the effects of these products and choose wisely.
* Different people can react differently to the same product. What works well for one person might be detrimental to another.
* Some individuals have found that certain tracks give them headaches or make them nauseous.
* These products may induce seizures in those people who are prone to this type of symptom.
* If people overdo it with brain entrainment they could start to lose touch with reality. If this happens the individual should take a break from binaural beats and do things to get grounded – this could include walking in nature or going for a run.
* Those individuals who are recovering from an addiction may use this technology as a means to avoid facing their problems. This is dangerous because it is the same behavior that got them into trouble with alcohol and drugs.
* If people are dealing with any type of mental health problems they may need to be cautious around this type of technology. It might be wise for them to first seek a professional opinion and stop right away if brain entrainment appears to be exacerbating their symptoms.

How to Use Brain Entrainment

Most brain entrainment products work better with headphones. The exception to this being tracks that contain isochoric beats – people can listen to these through speakers and still get all the benefit. It is not recommended that people overdo it with these products – 2 hours a day is probably plenty. Those individuals who are prone to seizures might also want to seek medical advice before using any brain entrainment products. Those who are serious about binaural beats might want to invest in a nice set of headphones, but this is not a necessary requirement.

There are plenty of sellers online who charge extortionate amounts for brain entrainment. The user may find that paying this price is worth it because of the benefit they get, but there really is no need. There are plenty of free and legally downloadable brain entrainment products online. YouTube is an excellent resource for this and the benefit here is that there are usually visuals to go along with the audio. In many instances people are just paying for the brand name when they decide to hand over money for these products. There is a large selection available, so it is best if people take their time and choose wisely. Even if the individual does want to go with the paid options they are advised to give the free options a look first to judge the effectiveness of these tools.