Rehab as a Gift to Yourself

Second Chances in Life

F. Scott Fitzgerald once made a dismal prediction that there are no second acts in American lives. A pessimistic person might claim that the same rule now applies to people no matter where they live in the world. In reality such a pronouncement is far from the truth. People do get second chances, and it is never too late for the individual to change direction. This ability to alter course is of particular good news to those who are struggling with an addiction problem. It will be possible to move on from this self defeating behavior to build a far better life – the type of existence they deserve.

Recovery as a Gift to Oneself

Giving up alcohol or drugs just to please other people is hard work. This is why most people who try to do this will fail. Deep down the individual knows that they are working against their own desires, and they will only be able to accept this sense of deprivation for a limited period of time. So long as the individual believes that the life of the drinker or drug user has more to offer them they will keep on being pulled back to it.

Those who are successful at giving up their addictions are not usually doing it for other people. They realize that by giving up alcohol or drugs they are offering themselves a wonderful gift that involves:

* A chance to take their life in a completely new and better direction.
* An end to the fears that drove them into addiction in the first place.
* A new start – the mistakes of the past can be forgiven so that the individual moves forward with a clean sheet.
* Improved physical health – the individual will feel physically better and will also be increasing their chances of living a longer life.
* Improved mental health – sobriety means that people can enjoy clarity and focus.
* Once the numbness of drug addiction goes away the individual will be able to enjoy feeling their feelings. Any happiness that a person experiences while abusing alcohol or drugs is a pale comparison to what they can expect in recovery.
* Once people are sober they can begin focusing on their spiritual health. This can lead them into some of the most rewarding aspects of existence.
* The person will be free to take charge of their career as they will now be far more productive and effective. Some decide to change jobs or seek promotions while others make the choice to start their own business.
* When people are sober they get to enjoy their family and friends. Addiction steals the ability to form healthy relationships.
* Giving up alcohol and drugs gives the individual the time and space to achieve their goals in life. Many people go on to pursue their childhood dreams and turn these into a reality.

Once the individual understands how becoming sober is going to benefit their life entering and maintaining sobriety is easy. Such people do not need any persuasion because they know that what they are doing is for them.

Rehab as a Gift

The benefits of sober living are unquestionable, but it can be a challenge for people to initially give up alcohol or drugs and start the process of rebuilding their life. This is where rehab comes in. Those people who join one of these programs are taking some time out of their life to focus on their needs. There will always be plenty of excuses for not entering such a program, but the benefits of doing so make it well worthwhile. Attendance at rehab can be seen as involving more than one gift because it means:

* The gift of time will provide the individual with the space to heal and the opportunity to fully concentrate on launching their new life. The first few months of recovery will be a challenge, and it is not the time for multitasking – staying sober has to be the priority in life.
* The gift of support means that the individual will be in an environment that will cater for their emotional and physical needs. Entering recovery alone can be a daunting task but having support makes all the difference.
* The gift of professional support ensures that the individual is supported by addiction professionals who will be able to offer the best possible guidance. The therapists and other professionals in rehab will be able to ensure that the client is building a firm foundation in recovery.
* The gift of relapse prevention techniques is one of the most benefits of rehab attendance. The majority of those who give up an addiction relapse within the first year, but this can be prevented when the individual has the right tools and knowledge.
* The gift of coping strategies mean that the individual will be able to cope better with the challenges that are ahead of them. A common reason for why people fall into substance abuse in the first place is that they lack effective coping strategies for life so rectifying this problem will do away with the need for alcohol or drugs.
* The gift of protection means that during their stay in rehab the individual will not have to deal with normal temptations or the daily stressed that justified their substance abuse. This greatly increases their ability to settle comfortably into sobriety.
* The gift of camaraderie refers to being surrounded by other people who are sharing a common path. The importance of this should not be underestimated – just like comrades in battle the clients in rehab will encourage and support each other.
* The gift of a new life because by entering rehab the individual is increasing their chance of building a successful recovery.

Luxury Rehab as the Ultimate Gift to Self

Entering rehab can be one of the most important events in a person’s life. This will mark the start of a new chapter that is better than anything that went before. By taking this step the individual is investing in their own future. It therefore makes sense that should not be too concerned with saving money as choosing a more comfortable rehab will not be an indulgence. There are good reasons for why the individual would gift a more luxurious rehab stay to themselves including:

* There are some discomforts of early recovery that are just part of the process, but there are also environment discomforts that are optional. By choosing a more luxurious rehab the individual is keeping discomforts to a minimum, and this makes good practical sense as they will already have enough on their plate.
* People wouldn’t choose to go to rehab unless they felt they needed to, but this doesn’t mean that it has to be a negative experience. The individual is likely to remember their stay in rehab for the rest of their lives so it is worth investing some money to make it as enjoyable as possible.
* Humans tend to be highly sensitive to their environment. By ensuring a comfortable environment the individual will be increasing their chances of success.
* There are now rehabs in the most beautiful locations around the world. This means that people can combine the launch of their new life with an exotic holiday – a truly wonderful way to begin sobriety.
* The cost of a luxurious rehab is often not that much more than a standard facility, but the level of service is significantly better. With some of the low cost options the rehab will be busy and the resources will be stretched.
* These rehabs are similar to high end spas where people go to get pampered. There is no reason why people shouldn’t be pampered during their stay in such a facility – they will have earned a bit of attention.

Drug Alcohol Rehab Asia (DARA) offers people the opportunity to launch their recovery in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Their facility is on the exotic location of Chang Island off the coast of Thailand. This rehab is the number one of its kind in Asia and offers a world class standard of care. It attracts people from over 50 different countries. It offers people the opportunity to benefit from a luxury rehab experience for a fraction of what it would cost in the west.

Rehab as a Gift to Someone Else

It can be almost impossible to encourage an unwilling loved one to enter rehab. They have to be ready to get the most out of such experiences. There will be times when this individual will be more susceptible to the idea of recovery. This usually happens when they have messed up particularly badly or they are suffering from a particularly bad hangover. On such days this person may well be more susceptible to the idea of getting help for their problems. The offer of a stay in rehab might be something that they will gratefully accept. This will be the most valuable gift that could be given to that person because it can completely change their life for the better.

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