Staying Inspired in Recovery

Motivation to Escape Addiction

Making positive changes can appear like too much hard work, and this is why so many people end up settling for a life that is far from ideal. These individuals end up wasting their potential and suffering needlessly – this is a shame. Addicts are a perfect example of people who settle for misery when they could get so much more out of their life. If these people developed the right motivation they would be able to break free of addiction and find real purpose and happiness. This can happen when the individual becomes inspired to break free because they decide that they deserve something much better than what they are currently getting.

Inspiration Defined

Inspiration can mean that the individual is moved or guided by the divine or supernatural. In fact the word itself means to be in spirit. In everyday use it is more common to view this word to mean stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity. It is like the individual has just been given an energy turbo boost and they become highly motivated to achieve their goal.

Difference between Motivation and Inspiration

It is not unusual for people to use the words motivation and inspiration interchangeably, but there is an important different between the two. When people require motivation it usually means that they need to summon up a willingness to do something that they don’t really want to do. They likely feel that they should be taking the action so they need to psyche themselves up to do it. When people are inspired to do something they don’t need any convincing – they are already psyched and ready to go. Basically then when somebody uses motivation they have to fake it in order to take action but the inspired individual is already committed to the action.

Benefits of Being Inspired

There are some definite benefits to being inspired including:

* Humans perform at their highest possible level when they feel inspired. They are often able to achieve things that they would not have previously thought was even possible.
* It is strong driving force that will usually be enough to get the individual to their goal. When people feel inspired they are less likely to run out of steam when the going gets tough.
* Inspired people find it easier to handle failure, and they will not be put off by these setbacks. They understand that the only real failure is the person who gives up.
* When people feel this way it means that the process of achieving their goal feels almost effortless. They are just swept along by their own enthusiasm, and this takes them to where they want to go.
* It can be a source of great happiness in life because it means that the individual has meaning and purpose in their life. It is lack of these things that causes the individual to fall into substance abuse and addiction.
* It means that the individual will be willing to go that extra mile to get what they want. It is this willingness to do that little bit extra that is the real key to success in life.
* When people feel inspired they will feel more autonomous and in charge of their own destiny. This sense of mastery in life is the path to happiness.
* The reason for why people become stuck with bad habits and behavior is that change can be hard. When people feel inspired change becomes a great deal easier to achieve.

Importance of Staying Inspired in Recovery

It is important for people to stay inspired in recovery because:

* In order to put a safe distance between themselves and their addiction the individual will need to build a successful recovery. This will be much easier to achieve when people feel inspired to do the necessary work.
* It is common for those who are newly sober to have low self esteem, and this can mean that they greatly underestimate their own abilities. One of the great benefits of feeling inspired is that it encourages the individual to aim higher in life.
* If people run out of motivation in recovery it can put them in a dangerous position because they will be at risk of relapse. Those who are inspired have no worries about running out of motivation.
* The person who has this type of inner drive will act as an inspiration to other people in recovery.
* A common reason for why people relapse back to addiction is that their life lacks meaning and purpose. Those who feel inspired never feel so desperate and lost.

How to Stay Inspired in Recovery

There are things that the individual can do to ensure that they stay inspired in recovery including:

* Spending a little time each day with inspirational material such as books, videos, or audio talks. These days there is plenty of inspirational and recovery resources available for free online – YouTube is a particularly useful resource for this.
* Reading autobiographies or biographies of successful people can be another good way to stay inspired.
* One of the most effective ways of gaining inspiration in recovery is by spending time with successful people – especially those who have managed to build a solid recovery. Humans are highly influenced by the people they spend time with so choosing to be with the right people makes sense.
* Keeping a daily journal is highly recommended because this is a great way to set goals and track progress. When people are feeling low they can read back on their previous entries to rejuvenate their feelings of inspiration.
* Techniques such as meditation can allow the individual to tap into their inner reserves so that they can find what inspires them.

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