New Technology and Addiction Recovery

One of the benefits of evolving technology is that it means improved options for almost every aspect of life. These new inventions can mean that people improved convenience and completely new approaches to old problems. Those individuals who are recovering from an addiction will find that modern technology has a great deal to offer them. One of the most popular of these technological options at the moment would be the software applications available for mobile gadgets such as the iPhone apps and apps for Android devices.

Popular Addiction Recovery Apps

There are a number of addiction recovery-related apps available for Android devices including the following.

Twenty Four Hours a Day

Twenty Four Hours a Day – Available at the Android Market Store for $4.99

Hazelden has developed a great reputation for helping addicts and this Twenty Four Hours a Day app is based on their bestselling book of the same name. It has an entry for each day of the year and automatically syncs with the calendar on any Android device. The entries are in an easily digestible size; they include things like meditations, motivational sayings, and prayers. The idea behind this app is that each day the individual in sobriety will have something inspirational to read. This app is a good option for people who want a brief but powerful daily reminder of their spiritual path. Those who already own the book will know that it can be used year after year so it is good value for money too.

One Recovery on the Go

One Recovery on the Go – Available at the Android Market for free

One Recovery on the Go is a free app that is aimed at members of 12 Step programs, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Obesity Anonymous, Gambling Anonymous, and Al-Anon. This app provides a number of different functions such as:

* Meeting finder for all the 12 Step Groups in the United States
* There is a function that allows users to find maps to these meetings
* It is possible to search for a meeting using current location or a postcode
* There is a function that allows the user to notify friends by email of meeting location and times
* There is a calendar where people can plan their meeting attendance schedule

AA Speakers to Go

AA Speakers to Go – Available at the Android Market for $4.99

This is a wonderful app for AA members who want to be always able to feel close to the meetings. AA Speakers to Go contains 400 audio files of speakers from AA meetings around the world. The only downside with this app is that you will need quite a bit of space on your Android device memory card if you want to download everything. The good news is that there is enough content on here to keep members inspired for a long time. It is even possible listen to recordings that were made back in the 1930s; some of the most inspiring AA members of all time are included in this collection. If you just can’t get enough of AA meetings then this app has been made for you.

Joe and Charlie Big Book Study

Joe and Charlie Big Book Study – Available at the Android Market for $4.99

The Joe and Charlie Big Book Study app contains the full audio from this series of talks. This is a good option for people who want to dig deeper into the Big Book. During the six hours of audio material Joe and Charlie talk about their experiences with the program; they use plenty of wit but also carry a more serious message. These two AA members began studying the Big Book together back in the seventies and these recordings are the fruit of this work.

iRecovery Free

iRecovery Free – Available at the Android Market for free

This iRecovery Free app is designed to help people track their progress in sobriety. It is suitable for people recovering from any type of addiction. There is also a paid version of iRecovery that does not include advertisements and has some extra function. This app includes:

* iRecovery has been designed to track people in sobriety. It awards points for various recovery activities and allows the individual to assess their progress from week to week.
* The app contains a journal where people can record their thoughts.
* This app is password protected so that the user will be able to keep their information private.
* It also contains affirmations to keep people motivated and inspired.
* It is possible to customize the app so that the individual can decide on what behaviors they wish to encourage.

Relax Ocean waves Sleep

Relax Ocean waves Sleep – Available at the Android Market for free

One of the problems that many people have when they first become sober is getting to sleep at night. Relax Ocean Waves Sleep produces calming sounds that encourages people to relax. The user can set a timer so that the sound of ocean waves will guide them into sleep. In order to get the best results from this app it is recommended to use headphones.

Alcohol Recovery Apps

12 Steps AA Companion

12 Steps AA Companion – Available at the Android Market for $1.99

The 12 Steps AA Companion has become one of the most popular Android apps for members of this fellowship. There are currently 631 five star reviews of this app on the Android Market website – quite impressive. It contains a number of functions including:

* It contains the first 164 pages of the Big Book along with personal stories. This means that the core of the AA program is available to read from this device.
* A sobriety calculator allows users to calculate precisely the length of their sobriety
* The promises of the 12 Steps are highlighted for easy reference. There is also a collection of prayers that have been recommended by the Big Book.
* The display icon for this app will is discrete; this means that anyone looking at the Android device will not realize that it is an Alcoholics Anonymous app.
* It is possible to download all the contents to a memory card so there is no need to always have an internet connection in order to access the content.

The Benefits of Addiction Recovery Apps

There are a number of worthwhile benefits to owning these recovery apps including:

* People tend to take their mobile devices with them wherever they go. This means that they will always have access to recovery material. Cravings and feelings of vulnerability can appear from nowhere; especially in early recovery. It is a good idea to always have recovery resources at hand.
* These apps can be taken everywhere without being noticeable. They are a great deal more discrete than carrying around a recovery book. This means that the individual can benefit from these resources in public without worrying what other people will think.
* It is possible to get plenty of material from just one app. This means that the individual will never run out of recovery resources. If they like they will be able to take a whole library of recovery audio and written material with them wherever they go.
* Some of these apps are completely free, and even the paid options are reasonably priced.