Alcohol and drug abuse has claimed the lives of many talented musicians and artists. Fortunately, there are also those who made a successful recovery from their addiction. Robert Downey Jr., Kelly Osbourne, Robin Williams, and Drew Barrymore are just some of the celebrities who recovered from alcohol and drug abuse. They didn’t stop until they could finally live an alcohol and drug-free life.

So, how were they able to change their lives? Here are a few steps that may serve as a guide to substance abuse recovery:

Strong Commitment to Stop Substance Abuse

Many celebrities have acknowledged their problems and considered this a big stepping-stone for change. The challenge, however, lies in commitment. There may still be a trace of denial even after admitting the drinking or drug problem. This is why you need to learn how to accept the problem and do something about it. Assess your choices and weigh their benefits to strengthen your commitment to stay sober and drug-free.

Goals to Motivate Change

Goals play a big role in quitting substance abuse. Recovered alcoholics didn’t make a big change overnight or stepped into rehab and got out after just a few hours. The process is gradual and revolves around goals to recover from substance abuse. The more realistic and specific your goals, the greater chances you have for a fast recovery. Focus on these goals and write ideas on how you can achieve them. It’s also important to remain upfront about your limits so you can better accomplish them.

Support from People around You

Emotional and mental support plays a big role in substance abuse recovery. You can recover on your own, but the chances of relapse may be greater without proper supervision and support. Let family members and friends know that you’re recovering from substance abuse. This may also mean you have to distance yourself from people who don’t support your efforts to live a drug and alcohol-free life.

This is only the beginning of recovery. It’s also important to create a new purpose in life where drug and alcohol have no place