For people in recovery, it is essential to cultivate a practice of gratitude. Some people are naturally positive and able to wake up to see the sunny side of their day ahead. For the rest, gratitude can be done as a spiritual practice which will help us to maintain sobriety, balance our emotions, and re-discover happiness. The law of attraction says: that which you focus your attention on becomes stronger. Staying focused on good things that are happening today will prevent us from looking back at our past or getting swept up in worries about future problems. Anyone can benefit from gratitude if you do it on a regular basis for at least several weeks.

Scientific evidence shows that with a practice of gratitude we are able to achieve more satisfaction, happiness, and our physical health will flourish. We will take better care of ourselves and improve our sleep. It contributes to psychological health as it is a relationship strengthening emotion. People become more social and they become less isolated, less lonely, more compassionate and helpful towards others. Instead of seeing something as a hassle, call it a blessing and say thank you. Learn to see the goodness of any situation and you are on your way to practicing gratitude.

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How to Practice Gratitude

Our sponsors often suggest making a list of 10 things you are grateful for every day.  Create a special journal for your gratitude lists. It’s a record of all of the things that are going right in your life. Pick it up and read it over when you are struggling. Cultivate your gratitude by stopping to look at the beautiful sunset, a fancy cupcake, or a flower, whatever it is that you are delighting in. Every moment you are in a state of gratitude your recovery is growing stronger and you are becoming happier.

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