Full House star John Stamos, 51, checked himself into rehab, following a DUI charge in June. Stamos was pulled over and transported to the hospital on June 12 after officers suspected a medical condition.

“Subsequent investigation at the hospital determined that he was driving under the influence,” a Beverly Hills Police Department public information officer said.

This isn’t the first time John has had trouble with alcohol. In 2007 there was an incident on an Australian morning show. The actor was in Australia to promote ER when he slurred his way through the show, wandering around the set, and reading host Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s lines from the teleprompter and making lewd gestures in front of her. John denied his drinking at first but later admitted to being drunk on the show.

Being famous definitely has its perks. But, it also has its downfalls. Some might argue that fame and drugs go hand-in-hand and that it’s probably a common occurrence to see, be around, or use drugs and alcohol when you’re famous. And no doubt, there have been numerous tragic stories of celebrities that have succumbed to alcoholism and drug addiction.

Relapse can happen. One of the main working definitions of addiction is that it is a chronic, progressive, relapsing disorder. That doesn’t mean that everyone who is recovering from drug addiction will relapse at one time or another. However, addiction is an insidious disease that can sneak up on you. Information gathered by drug and alcohol rehabs show that the percentage of people who will relapse after rehab and even after a having had a period of sobriety ranges from as much as 50% to an astonishing 90%.

Being in recovery can be tough. Being a celebrity in recovery is possibly tougher. We’re told we need to change “people, places, things” but, it’s got to be hard to do that if you’re a celebrity in Hollywood. As a member of an exclusive group, you’d have to mingle with some of the same people as before, visit a lot of the same places and attend the same events (i.e. award parties, premiere parties), as well as be a part of the same microcosm of other famous people.

Recovery isn’t easy, not for anyone, and certainly not for people who believe they’re going to get “cured.” But it may be especially difficult if you’re in the spotlight. Where addictions once took their toll privately and off-stage, they are now part of the show, or at least the part that spotlights the star’s private life.

A tweet from John on his release hopefully indicates he’s on the right track. “Thanks to everyone for their love & support,” the tweet reads. “I’m home & well. Very appreciative of the BHPD (Beverly Hills Police Dept) & Cedars (hospital) for their care.”

Recovery is a process that includes admitting the problem, a change in attitude an outlook, working through underlying causes, and consistent daily action to overcome triggers and temptations. Cessation of relapse is possible. Recovery is possible. It takes work. And if you do the work results are certain. We’re hopeful that John is ready to take action and heal. How about you?