Rehab is Not Fun

Rehab is Not Meant to be Fun

Rehab is not fun – it is not meant to be. The process of giving up alcohol or drugs usually involves at least some physical and mental discomfort. The individual who enters an inpatient treatment program will also have a great deal of important work to do. If they fail to make the best use of their time in rehab it will increase the likelihood that they will later relapse back to addiction. Few people are going to be looking forward to their time in these programs, but this does not mean that it has to be any more unpleasant than it needs to be. By choosing the right facility the individual not only increases their chances of getting the help they need, but they can also ensure that it is a more enjoyable experience.

Negative Aspects of Rehab

The negative aspects of rehab that people are most likely to complain about include:

* The individual will need to deal with withdrawal symptoms associated with giving up alcohol or drugs. These are rarely any worse than a mild case of influenza, but if people have the wrong mental attitude it will exacerbate their symptoms.
* If the individual is used to a high degree of comfort in their life they may struggle in a rehab where the facilities are basic.
* When people enter this type of program they will need to leave their familiar routine. There is great comfort in the familiar and people can feel threatened when they need to leave it.
* In order to get the most out of this experience the individual will need to be open to change. Accepting change means opening up to the unknown, and this usually scares people at first.
* Some rehabs are under resourced and the staff members there are overworked.
* Entering rehab means voluntarily giving up personal freedoms. The individual will be expected to follow a set routine during their stay.
* Those people who stay in this type of facility will be surrounded by strangers. It can be difficult to find personal space in such a facility, and they may need to spend time with other individuals who they do not particularly like.
* Some people will be reluctantly attending rehab, and this can make it feel as if they are almost entering a prison. The individual may just view the program as something to get out of the way so they can get other people off their back – rehab is always worse for those who don’t want to be there.
* If the individual has no real intention of entering long term sobriety they will struggle throughout their stay.
* Those people who stay in this type of facility will usually be expected to join in some group activities. Introverts can find group work to be a real challenge.
* Some rehabs will have a limited food selection. This can make things difficult for fussy eaters or those who have specific dietary requirements.
* The individual will not be able to come and go as they please. They will be expected to remain within the facility for the duration of their stay – with the possible exception of controlled excursions.

Need for Rehab

There are certainly some negative aspects related to entering rehab, and this can lead to people to question the need for it. The reality is that the benefits far outweigh any discomfort or inconvenience related to these programs. Rehab is needed because:

* These programs provide the individual with a firm foundation in recovery. The stronger this foundation the more likely it is that people will succeed.
* The facility will be a safe environment where the individual can end the substance abuse.
* It can be difficult for addicts to make it through the withdrawal period alone, and this is why some never manage to enter recovery. By attending rehab the individual will greatly increase their chance of making it through withdrawals.
* One of the greatest benefits of this type of inpatient program is it means that the individual can fully focus on getting better. In order for the individual to make it through early recovery they need to make it their number one priority, and they do that by going to rehab.
* Some people can have serious withdrawal symptoms that may even be life threatening. By attending a rehab the individual will have access to any needed medical resources.
* One of the main reasons why people fall into addiction in the first place is that they have poor coping skills for dealing with the challenges of sober living. During their stay in rehab they will be able to develop new and more effective coping strategies.
* There is an important educational element to this type of program. Gaining knowledge alone will not be enough to keep people sober, but it is an important part of the process – for example, knowing about relapse triggers will mean that the individual can avoid some of the most common pitfalls.
* The first few weeks of life away from alcohol and drugs can be tough. This process is much easier when people are in a supported environment.
* During their stay in rehab the individual can begin looking at those factors that led them into addiction in the first place. The addiction therapists play a vital role in helping the individual learn from their past mistakes.

Benefits of a Comfortable Rehab

There is no reason why rehab should be any harder than it needs to be. There are some negative aspects of the process that are necessary, but there are other discomforts that can be eliminated. It is possible to choose a facility where everything that can be done is done to improve comfort levels. This can mean luxurious surroundings and the best facilities possible.

It is a misconception that comfortable rehabs are only an option for the rich and famous. In fact this type of option will be within the financial limits of many of those who are looking for help with escaping their addiction. Entering rehab can be the most important financial investment that an individual ever makes. By getting free of their addiction it will greatly increase their future prospects.

Not only is it possible for rehab to be comfortable, but people can also seek this type of treatment in exotic locations around the world. A perfect example of this would be Drug and Alcohol Rehab Thailand which offers a world class treatment program on a stunningly beautiful island. Their program costs far less than similar programs in western countries. With such ideal conditions the individual increases their chances of success – they will also usually return home with a healthy tan. Another reason for choosing such programs is that it means that the individual can undergo treatment in secret. As far as other people are concerned they have just gone on a foreign holiday.

How to Have an Improved Rehab Experience

The actress Lindsay Lohan remarked on her experiences of rehab:

> It’s so weird that I went to rehab. I always said that I would die before I went to rehab. But I thought, ‘I’m going to stay here tonight.’ And I stayed there for a month. It was great.

It is doubtful that anyone would choose to go to rehab unless they really needed to. It is likely to involve at least some discomfort, but it should also be a life changing and positive experience. There is a great deal that the individual can do to improve their time there including:

* Fun is not guaranteed in rehab, but misery is definitely optional. It is up to each person to make the most of this experience.
* If people expect rehab to be hard it probably will be. This is because their expectations create a self fulfilling prophecy.
* If the individual makes a firm commitment to get the most of their time in rehab it will make all the difference to their comfort levels. When people are motivated they may even start to enjoy their time in the treatment facility.
* It is advisable to try and get along with everyone. It may be best to avoid any conversational topics that might be considered controversial (e.g. politics).
* It is recommended that people choose a rehab that will offer a good level of comfort. If people are willing to travel abroad they will be able to find luxury rehabs in exotic locations for a reasonable cost.
* Negative thinking can make even the slightest discomforts appear much worse. When people go looking for things to complain about they will have no problem finding these.
* If people keep a positive attitude it will greatly improve the experience of being in rehab. The individual does have a great deal to feel positive and optimistic about – they are about to embark on a new and exciting chapter in their life.
* The purpose of rehab is to develop the skill needed to build a life in recovery, and this does involve hard work. There should also be plenty of opportunity for rest and relaxation, and the individual should try to enjoy this down time.
* If people spend their time fighting rehab it will greatly increase their discomfort levels. It is vital that the individual keeps an open mind and is willing to do whatever is required to begin building their new life.
* If people have concerns about any aspect of their treatment program they need to speak up. Suffering in silence is a choice.

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