Top 5 Considerations When Choosing Rehab

The Right Rehab Increases the Likelihood of the Right Result

The decision to go to rehab can signal the start of a completely new life for the individual. No matter how far down they have fallen as a result of their behavior it should be possible for them to rebuild. They can give up alcohol and drugs and go on to live a life beyond their wildest dreams. In order to establish a strong sobriety it is vital that the individual has a solid foundation. It is like building a house – if the foundation is weak the rest of the structure will be weak. One of the ways that the person can help ensure that their foundation is secure will be by choosing an appropriate rehab facility.

Importance of Choosing the Right Rehab

Choosing the right rehab is important for a number of reasons including:

* Some people seem only able to summon up the motivation for rehab just once, and this makes it vital to make the most out of this opportunity. By choosing the right facility the individual will increase their chances of success.
* Time has shown that the one size fits all approach to recovery is ineffective because humans differ in how they can best approach escaping addiction. If the individual chooses the wrong facility it may not suit their requirements.
* If the individual feels that they have been given the opportunity to choose the facility that best suits their needs it will increase their sense of owning their recovery. Instead of being a passive victim the individual is taking charge of the situation, and this attitude can make all the difference when it comes to escaping addiction.
* Some people find that choosing a rehab far away from their usual stomping ground makes things easier. There are an increasing number of individuals who are choosing to go abroad for help.
* The rehab process involves at least some inconveniences and discomforts – some of these negative aspects of getting better are preventable or can be significantly reduced while others are not. By choosing the right rehab the individual can reduce the amount of unnecessary discomforts (for example, staying in a rehab that is overcrowded or under resourced).
* Some people will have not want news of their substance abuse problems to become common knowledge. This means that they will want to choose a facility where their anonymity is guaranteed.
* If an individual is attracted to a particular recovery philosophy (for example, the Twelve Steps it may be better for them to choose a facility that follows this approach.
* Those people who are dealing with a dual diagnosis are encouraged to find a facility where both of their problems can be dealt with together. If people attempt to escape their addiction while ignoring their other mental health problem it can sabotage their efforts.
* Those who can afford to may be best choosing a facility that offers a good degree of comfort. This will mean that the experience will be easier for them.

Top 5 Considerations When Choosing Rehab

Here are the top five considerations that most people will want to take into account when choosing a rehab:


One of the first things that people will normally consider when choosing a rehab is location. Some people will be anxious to stay near to home while others may want to get as far away from their normal life as possible – this will be particularly important for those who are worried about protecting their anonymity. There are a number of things to think about when choosing a location including:

* Those people who wish to almost completely eliminate the chance of their substance abuse problem becoming public knowledge may be best advised to seek treatment abroad. Not only will they be well away from the people who know them but they do not even need to use their real name – as far as other people are concerned they have just gone away on holiday and they may even have the tan to prove it.
* If people decide to go with state funded rehab they may be limited in regards to their choice of location. This means that they will usually have to stay within their state and accept the first slot that comes available.
* Some people find it easier if the facility is nowhere near where they would normally drink or take drugs.
* Some people choose to attend rehab abroad in an exotic location because they wish to make their journey even more special. Getting sober in such a location does emphasize the idea of this being a fresh start in life.


The cost of rehab is another consideration because there is no such thing as free rehab – the money for this treatment has to come from somewhere. If the funds for rehab are coming from local government or other agencies then this will usually significantly reduce the amount of choice the individual will have open to them. Unfortunately most of these agencies are underfunded and they have to ration out the resources that are available. Those who can afford to pay for treatment will have more options, and they will also avoid the waiting list that is usually involved in getting state funded rehab.

It seems reasonable that people should be willing to pay a little bit extra for a more luxurious rehab if they can afford it. Ideally this should be a once in a lifetime event, and so it makes sense that people try to have the best possible experience. Choosing a nice rehab is not going to guarantee success, but it can give the person a better start in their journey. If the individual manages to escape their addiction it is likely to increase their future prosperity, and they will also be saving the money that they would have wasted on alcohol or drugs, so paying that bit more for rehab is a sound investment.

Most western countries have seen the cost of addiction treatment skyrocket in recent years. Places that were charging $1,400 a decade ago are now charging more than $10,000 for the same program. This is why many people are now following the example of medical tourists and look at their options abroad. In places like Thailand it is possible to stay at a luxury facility offering an international standard of quality care for a fraction of the cost back in the west. The fact that these rehabs are also in such beautiful locations far away from temptation means that the individual is paying less for more.


Another vital consideration is the type of program that this facility offers. This will be the path that the individual will be taking as they begin to build their new life. If they choose a path that is inappropriate to their needs it will make their journey more difficult than it needs to be. Some rehabs offer spiritually based programs such as the Twelve Steps, and this can be effective for those who are spiritually inclined, but possibly ineffective for those who have no interests in spirituality. Some people just do better with more scientific approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy and so they will want to choose a facility that offers this. If the individual feels unsure about which recovery approach would work better for them they might want to consult with an addiction therapist.


The type of amenities offered by a rehab can also make a huge difference to how people enjoy their stay. The more luxurious facilities will offer things like complimentary therapies and plenty of extracurricular activities. This means that the individual will be less likely to endure long periods of boredom that can occur when they are staying in a facility that has few amenities. Anything that can make the journey through rehab more pleasant is a good thing so it is definitely worth considering what is on offer when choosing a rehab. Example of the type of amenities that might be available includes:

* Yoga lessons
* Meditation lessons
* Tai Chi lessons
* Gym
* Walking/ jogging path
* Massage
* Air conditioning – this can be particular important in places where the weather is hot.
* Indoor heating in cool areas.
* Swimming pool
* Book or DVD library
* Television in private quarters
* Restaurant on the premises with a choice of food
* Outdoor area for relaxing
* Personal fridge
* Private bathroom
* Water heater for making warm drinks
* Jacuzzi
* Sauna
* Table tennis
* Stress management workshops


One of the key factors in determining comfort levels in a rehab will be the accommodation that is on offer. The ability to have at least some privacy is going to be of great importance to some people – they might not want to share a room with anyone. There will also be those who feel uncomfortable in surroundings that do not offer a certain degree of comfort. Some rehabs offer accommodation that would rival that of a top class hotel. This means that the individual will feel at ease in their surroundings so that they can get the most out of their stay. It is not uncommon for people to justify checking out of rehab early because they just did not feel happy with the accommodation so making sure that this element of rehab is acceptable is an important consideration.

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