If alcohol or drugs currently have the better of you it is imperative that professional rehabilitation assistance is sought. The longer a person ignores their dependence the deeper the problems will become.

Deciding on Professional Rehab

Being dependent upon a substance means that a person relies on it to help them get through the day. They get to a stage where they truly believe they would not be able to function without it.

These thoughts and actions are completely understandable, but by continuing to deny that professional help is urgently required will only serve to send a person deeper into dependence.

While the decision to admit your substance of choice currently has the better of you is a difficult one, it is one that must be made, and the sooner the better.

Methods of Professional Rehab Assistance

Here are 3 ways that professional assistance can be approached:

Health Practitioner

Many people with dependence issues choose to make an appointment with their doctor. This is a sensible route because your doctor will know of you and your medical history.

They should be open to talking to you and can help ease dependence issues by offering alternative medicines or suggesting a tapering off of use. Please note that tapering is not an option for those dependent upon alcohol.

The downside to this approach is that appointments are sporadic and the temptations in a person’s home environment remain.

Local Outpatient Rehab Facility

This is another option that is local and accessible. There should be an outpatient rehab facility within easy reach of you. If so, there are qualified staff waiting to assist and help you with dependence issues.

Once again, while this is certainly a step in the right direction it still leaves a user in the same environment, with the same temptations that continues to fuel their dependence.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab is seen by many professionals and recovering addicts as the most positive form of rehabilitation. This focussed form of rehabilitation takes a person out of their current environment and into a new one that is totally committed to addiction treatment and healing.