The Effects of Alcohol on the Human Body

A 2009 video by the University of Wisconsin – Madison


Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered?
All students asked thought the drinking age should be lowered, using the normal arguments, e.g., “If someone can fight for their country, they should be allowed to have a drink,” and, “if you make it taboo people will want it more.”

Science, however, states that since the brain is not finished developing, it should not be introduced to alcohol until it is. The human brain is still developing until about age 21. Also, studies show that if a person binge drinks in their mid-teens, they have a 50% chance of having a substance abuse problem later in life, compared to a 9% chance if they do not binge drink in their mid-teens.

Accidents Related to Drinking and Driving
In the United States of America, there is an accident every two minutes that is attributed to drinking and driving. Every 30 minutes, someone in the USA will die in an accident where alcohol is a factor.

The Effects of Alcohol on the Brain
Professor Ken Goldstein interviews Professor Kevin Stang on the effects of alcohol on the brain and the human body in general.

Source: Office Hours

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