In all of the countries alcohol is legally sold you will find men and women who enjoy a drink. Unfortunately, you will also find many that have allowed their drinking to slip from enjoyable to excess.

Here are some things to consider relating to alcohol and signs that could should tell you whether your drinking is going, or has already gone too far.

Legal and addictive:

It must be made very clear that while alcohol may be legally brought and sold the world over it is right up there with the most commonly abused substance on the planet. This is down to its highly addictive qualities.

For most people one or two drinks brings a relaxed, pleasant feeling. It can certainly add to social occasions or when relaxing with your partner, friends and family.

As long as drinking is carried out on an occasional basis and in sensible measures then it should cause no problems whatsoever. The problem lies with your body’s tolerance for alcohol.

Regular drinking gives a tolerance that means to achieve the same ‘pleasant’ feelings as previously experienced a person needs to drink more. As more is consumed this can lead to a need for alcohol that becomes stronger and stronger.

If the urge to continue drinking more often and in larger quantities continues this abuse of alcohol will lead to dependence. Once dependent upon alcohol you will not be able to resist the desire to drink whenever and wherever possible.

Alcohol abuse leads to alcohol dependence:

The term alcohol abuse means a person has an unhealthy and often dangerous drinking habit. Such abuse includes having the urge to drink every day, or when a drinking session begins that person drinks to much in one go.

These actions can lead to many issues. These include, but are certainly not limited to relationship difficulties and work-related problems; either because of slipping standards, or the fact you frequently miss work due to the effects of the night before.

Another very common problem is caused by those who drive when they are over the limit. This action can, and often does cause heartbreak and legal consequences that will blight people’s lives.


Those who abuse alcohol do so by continuing to drink even though they know their actions are causing problems. Continue down this route and alcohol dependence is yours. This dependence is also known as alcoholism which means you are physically and/or mentally addicted to alcohol.

Signs of alcoholism are an unstoppable urge to drink, constantly craving a drink, and being convinced that the only way you will get through another blurry day is by having a ‘livener’.

Of course, you are fully aware that this first drink will be followed by regular and constant top- up’s until you are ‘out of the game’. When in this state you are a danger to yourself and those around you.

Consider these signs as being dependent upon alcohol:

It is acknowledged that there are many signs which point to a person’s dependence upon alcohol, but here are 5 that need to be addressed.

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to 3 or more there is a good chance that you are either very close to, or completely dependent upon alcohol. If this is the case, you really do need to seek professional assistance:

  • Although you have tried, you cannot stop drinking, or control the amount of alcohol you drink once the first glass is ‘put away’.
  • Over time you find you gradually need to drink more to achieve the same effect.
  • A large proportion of your time is spent drinking or recovering from a heavy session. Many at this stage will also have given up other activities they used to enjoy to ensure nothing comes between them and the bottle.
  • Trying to resist that first drink for too long brings unwanted withdrawal symptoms. These include feelings of sickness from the pit of your stomach, hot flushes and sweating, body shaking, particularly your hands, and increased anxiety.
  • Even though you are fully aware of the harm drinking is doing to yourself both physically and mentally, and just as importantly the grief you are causing those closest to you, you continue to drink.

Denial damages!

Deep down those who know they have a problem with alcohol are acutely aware of it and the issues it is creating. Even so they maintain a stance of denial.

They convince themselves the problem is not as serious as it really is, and soon they will cut back and be able to control their drinking.

To all those in denial: Sorry, but the problems your drinking is causing are most likely far more serious than you think, and, NO, you cannot easily cut back and regain control of your drinking. The truth is that your unquenchable need for alcohol has currently got the better of you.

If you are currently in this position, please take the very brave step of admitting the seriousness of your situation. By doing this you will find support, care and assistance awaits to help you face up to and overcome your dependence upon alcohol.