Complementary Therapy

Complementary Therapy

Going Through Recovery

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab – Individually Focused

Any man or women regularly drinking to excess must stop ignoring their problem and seek much needed professional rehab assistance. Failure to do so will see the slide into alcoholism deepen. The longer this drinking habit continues, the deeper health, personal and relationship issues will become. Two tried and tested methods of rehab assistance should …

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tobacco addiction

Tobacco Addiction

Tobacco is legal for those who are of age. Tobacco is also responsible for well over a billion deaths of people throughout the world each and every year. Sadly, this makes this legal substance both highly accessible and dangerous. Tobacco is also very addictive. Even though tobacco can lead to numerous chronic diseases and do …

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Teen Substance Abuse

Effects Of Teen Substance Abuse On The Family

Teens of any family can abuse substance. No family should think itself immune to this plague. Teens may abuse alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal substances. Drug abuse takes a toll on your teen’s physical and psychological well-being. Not only will the teen be affected, other family members may be affected and this could disrupt the …

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Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic Addiction Treatment

There is so much we now know about addiction and treatment these days that at times the question is no longer whether or not to choose addiction treatment; it is what type of addiction treatment is best for you. Treatment options used to come down to inpatient or outpatient. Now we can choose from a …

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Dara Rehab Center

Preparing For the Aftermath of Rehab

All Good Things Must Come to An End When you make the brave decision to go for addiction rehabilitation, you have the opportunity to stay at a safe, secure facility where you are monitored around the clock. This gives you the chance to recover in a rehab center that is free from temptation and the …

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