Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic Addiction Treatment

There is so much we now know about addiction and treatment these days that at times the question is no longer whether or not to choose addiction treatment; it is what type of addiction treatment is best for you. Treatment options used to come down to inpatient or outpatient. Now we can choose from a …

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Dara Rehab Center

Preparing For the Aftermath of Rehab

All Good Things Must Come to An End When you make the brave decision to go for addiction rehabilitation, you have the opportunity to stay at a safe, secure facility where you are monitored around the clock. This gives you the chance to recover in a rehab center that is free from temptation and the …

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Prescription Opioid Addiction

Prescription Opioid Addiction

Addiction can happen to anyone, of any age, and at any point or station in life. Some addicts are openly discussed, those that tear apart families from the first use like meth or heroin. Other addictions such as gambling or alcohol have numerous, specific programs that target the intense effect these substances can have over …

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Obsession and Compulsion – The Driving Forces Behind Addiction

This is part one of a two-part series about how obsession and compulsion drive addiction. Addiction Leaves You Feeling Powerless When you are addicted to substances or behaviors, you are often completely baffled by the choices you make in pursuit of your addiction. Strangely enough – they don’t feel like choices. When you are hooked …

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Predisposition to Addiction

Predisposition to Addiction

The conventional thinking on addiction states that people begin using a highly addictive substance until it takes over their will to choose. Addiction is dependent on the substance, whether it be alcohol or some other drug or even an activity like sex or gambling. This seems to just stand to reason. That some people seem …

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