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20 years as an Alcoholic – True Story

Brian is a bus-driver from Blackpool in England. He describes his nearly twenty years as an addict to alcohol. He began drinking with his fellow bus-drivers and often came to work not able to remember what he had been doing the previous evening. This, he came to regard, as normal.

A Day in the Life at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia

So what is an average day like here at Alcohol Rehab? It really depends at what stage of the program you are in. If, like me, you are detoxing, the first week can be pretty tough, what with trying to sleep and feeling rough. But because they kept me busy on the program, I didn’t…

Holistic Addiction Treatment

There is so much we now know about addiction and treatment these days that at times the question is no longer whether or not to choose addiction treatment; it is what type of addiction treatment is best for you. Treatment options used to come down to inpatient or outpatient. Now we can choose from a…

Using Dreams – While Disturbing, They Can Be A Good Sign

Dreams Have Peaked Human Interest Since the Dawn Of Time Dreams have been a source of wonderment, fascination, and even frustration for human beings since the dawn of time. The average person typically ponders their significance and tries to analyze them, seeking a deeper meaning. Dreams (and nightmares) evoke mystery, powerful emotions, and even inspiration….

Relationships in Sobriety

The topic of relationships in sobriety and recovery inevitably comes up. At what point are we ready to get involved in a relationship which is by its nature extremely complicated and emotionally weighted? After all, one of the primary goals of recovery is to avoid complications and emotional weight. And are we able to fully…