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Adrienne Webster
Adrienne Webster is an Addiction Counselor Licensure Candidate (ACLC) in Bozeman, Montana. After completing her B.A. in Media Arts from Montana State University, she worked for many years as a freelance writer and photographer. Her curiosity about people and their stories and her desire to be a source of compassion and support to others eventually led her back to Montana State University where she completed her graduate studies in Addiction Counseling. She currently works with clients individually and in group settings while completing her post-graduate, clinical supervision. She is particularly interested in an integrated approach to treatment and recovery that encompasses nutrition education, exercise, and community involvement. Her goal is to help empower people who are trying to regain their health and arm them with the resources and skills they need to be the healthiest version of themselves possible, both mentally and physically.
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Amelia Sharp
Amelia Sharp is a content specialist at American Addiction Centers (AAC). She has worked in the mental health field for over five years and focuses on creating helpful and informative content for large-scale companies. To expand her reach to companies across the nation, Amelia founded Optics Content Strategy, LLC. With an expansive background in ghost writing, journalism, medical writing and professional editing, she is passionate about helping those in the behavioral health field receive the help they need and equip themselves with accurate information about mental health conditions.
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Courtney Blackledge, LCMHCA, LCASA
Courtney Blackledge is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate in North Carolina. She has a variety of experience in the mental health field and has worked with individuals, adolescents, and families impacted by substance use and addiction. She spent a year working at a program tailored to pregnant women or women who had recently given birth and struggled with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. She ran a women’s trauma group that focused on the influence trauma can have on addiction. She also worked with the families of the women in the program to provide individual therapy for the family members, family counseling, and couples counseling.   Courtney is currently working in private practice and continues to work with adolescents and individuals working towards recovery from addiction. She blends her experience in the mental health field with her passion for learning and writing to provide easy-to-follow and accurate information on substance use and addiction.
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Editorial Staff
The editorial staff of is comprised of addiction content experts from and affiliated with American Addiction Centers. Our editors and medical reviewers have over a decade of cumulative experience in medical content editing and have reviewed thousands of pages for accuracy and relevance. Our reviewers consistently monitor the latest research from SAMHSA, NIDA, and other reputable sources to provide our readers the most accurate content on the web.
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Gabriel Espinoza
Gabriel Espinoza, MD received his medical education at the University of California, Davis. During his training, he cared for patients suffering from addiction and withdrawal symptoms in emergency and critical care settings. He also has personal experience in various forms of rehabilitation and the utility of 12-step programs in recovery. Dr. Espinoza continues his training in pediatrics and is interested in the impact that drug and alcohol use and adverse childhood experiences have on the developing adolescent brain. Dr. Espinoza has written about topics including public health, wellness, recovery and rehabilitation, pediatrics, and K -12 education. The content written by Dr. Espinoza is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of substance abuse.
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Jacquelyn Buffo
Jacquelyn Buffo is a fully Licensed Professional Counselor through the State of Michigan and a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She received her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University. She has worked as a clinician in the substance abuse field for over 6 years and within the past year, she has received specialized training in addressing substance abuse disorders within a dialectical behavioral therapy framework. Her experience has been working with pregnant women and mothers who suffer from opioid and other addictions as well as individuals who have received the Naltrexone implant. She has worked on an inpatient and outpatient basis. She has extensive experience working with patients with dual diagnosis disorders. She also works with families of loved ones who suffer from addiction. She has nearly 7 years of post-graduate experience and started a mental health and wellness blog in 2018. She prides herself on writing research-supported posts on mental health and substance abuse issues that are approachable to the reader. You can find her personal posts on her blog at
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