Crack is a lethally addictive drug that will quickly hook those using it.

What’s in a name?

Crack is the crystalised form of cocaine. It is generally white, or yellow to blush rose in colour and sold as a block or in crystals.

The name is taken from the cracking, popping sound it makes when heated for smoking.

Powerfully potent:

Crack is the most potent form of cocaine available. This also makes it one with a far higher risk for users. Its potency is estimated at between 75-100% pure cocaine.

It must be understood that cocaine on its own is highly addictive, so for a person to subject themselves to such levels of purity is a risk that countless numbers of men and women have, and are subjecting themselves to.

Direct access to the brain:

By far the most popular way to take crack is to smoke it. When heated and inhaled the substance takes an express route to the brain and gives an almost instantaneous high.

Feelings are received throughout the entire central nervous system. The heart beats more rapidly, muscles tense and the user receives utopic feelings thanks to the release of hormones that are responsible for controlling the brains reward and pleasure centre.

Short lived highs:

The huge downside to the immense high received is that it is very short lived. In many cases this extreme blast lasts for just 15 minutes.

Because of its moreish appeal the brain transmits messages urging a person that it not only needs more, but must have more. These strong, constant ‘mind games’ will find a user reaching for that pipe on an all too regular basis.

Obviously, this repeated use rapidly leads to a dependence which is easily found, but very difficult to get rid of.

Unwanted body stress:

Regular, constant use of crack places unnecessary stress on a user’s heart, lungs and brain. As well as making the heart beat faster these demands make it work far harder. This is because the body’s blood vessels are constricted which in turn is a cause of increased blood pressure.

Combine these uncalled-for stress activities and a person is asking for problems in terms of cardiac arrest, heart attack or stroke’s.

Desperate measures:

A person addicted to crack will go to desperate measures to ensure a constant supply is theirs.

Stealing from partners, family and friends is common, opportunist theft can become an almost automatic reaction and both men and women will sell sexual favours simply to secure their next bag of ‘pleasure’.

Keep away from this highly addictive substance:

Crack takes no prisoners, please do not think you are strong enough to take it or leave it. Once you take it, it will not leave you alone.

It is often sold by dealers as the cheap alternative to cocaine. This is a ruse that must be seen through.

Yes, it can be purchased relatively cheaply per bag in the first instance, but the number of bags required to feed a crack habit rapidly overtake costs of the vast majority of street drugs available.

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