Drugs – The Highs And The Lows

People use illegal drugs for a whole host of reasons. While some can control their levels of use many more find that a gradual increase is the norm.

For many drug use gives heavenly highs, but it also comes with lows that affect a person physically, mentally and socially.

Let’s take a look at what these affects are and why illegal drug use is leading to unwanted problems that really are best avoided.

Higher than high:

It is a known fact that the variety of street drugs on offer provide highs that attract users. Feelings of euphoria are common, everything will feel good with the world, self-confidence is increased, boundless energy awaits and inhibitions are lowered to levels where acceptance and enjoyment of most situations are a given.

Are these highs harmless?

The straight answer is ‘No’. Those who repeatedly chase these highs are leaving themselves open to dependence. Just as importantly consideration must be given to the ingredients contained in certain drugs.

Meth and ecstasy are perfect examples of this. The kitchen laboratories in which these drugs are produced use a variety of other ingredients when making up batches.

In the main they do not overdo concentrations of harmful ingredients, but it is a given that such things as battery acid, drain cleaner and paint stripper will be included.

The differing levels of potentially harmful ingredients also affect the highs and lows a user will experience. There are times the highs will not be as pleasant as expected and the lows felt when coming down are harsher and last longer.

More required:

Another important point for those who regularly seek highs from one particular drug is that the more often it is taken, the more a person requires simply to achieve the same high as previously experienced.

This is due to the body’s tolerance. As tolerance builds more of the same is required. It stands to reason that continually increasing use is continually increasing tolerance. This process will eventually lead to dependence where a user cannot function without their drug of choice.

Unwanted lows:

Coming down after a session on drugs is not a pleasant experience. Most will have been deprived of sleep and feel totally wasted, but the sleep they fall into is far from restful. Bad dreams and hot sweats are all part of coming down. Subsequently, upon waking a person often feels uneasy and far from rested.

Emotions, feelings and thoughts are confused. This can lead to anxiety, restlessness and depression. Many have overriding negative thoughts and mood swings that see anger flare over inconsequential issues.

Are the highs worth it?

A person must decide whether the highs they are chasing are worth the lows they will experience.

They need to understand that the more often a high is sought, the heavier the come-down will be. For some, the answer to avoiding such unwanted lows is to continue topping themselves up with their drug of choice.

This answer will have devastating consequences, because regular use will rapidly turn to a dependence that is far easier to find than it is to get rid of.