Addiction causes mental and physical anguish for the person concerned, but the anguish, heartbreak and torment it causes those closest to you should never be forgotten.

An overriding priority:

The addict’s need for that next fix overrides everything in their life. Excessive amounts of time is spent ensuring a ‘stash’ is on hand, while thoughts centre around when their next ‘hit’ will be and when it is time to collect more.

It goes without saying that these actions and thoughts are to the detriment of those closest to them.

Tolerance leads to dependence:

We will look at two completely different aspects of tolerance. The first explains how a person becomes addicted in the first place, the second relates to just how tolerant those around an addict need to be in order to live with them.

Tolerance and addiction:

The mind and body readily take to a person’s drug of choice. They appreciate what is being given and demand more. These demands are created through thoughts and feelings that grow stronger as dependence deepens.

The problem is that there is no satisfaction ceiling. Your body builds a tolerance to what is being given. This means to achieve the same high as previously experienced a person eventually needs more. This ever increasing cycle of more to feel the same continues until the mind and body simply cannot live without the substance.

Tolerance – Those closest to you:

When discussing addiction many people overlook the effects it has on loved ones, family and friends. It should never be forgotten that these people are put under pressures which are not of their own making, and that cause undeserved heartbreak, sadness and stress.

It is little wonder that this can often turn into anger and despair because of the addict’s single-minded pursuit of their substance of choice.

Those around an addict tolerate this behaviour above and beyond the call of duty. They tolerate constant requests for money to feed a habit that is destroying the person in question. They tolerate lies and deceit, and often have to defend an addict against charges laid by others that in reality are perfectly valid.

Everyone has their limits:

It is vital for those dependent upon any substance to realise that everyone has their limits. The unnecessary stress and strain an addict’s actions and selfish behaviour are causing cannot go on indefinitely.

Everyone has their breaking point. Unless an addict stands up, takes responsibility for their actions and ends denial they run the risk of losing the help, support and love of those most important to them.

Addiction assistance is available:

Those currently dependent upon any substance must realise that their problems will not go away on their own. Professional rehabilitation assistance is required, it is available, and it can work.

By taking the very brave step of seeking assistance you will be showing those around you that you are determined to do something about your current situation.

This sign of acceptance and determination will reap rewards in terms of the love, support and encouragement your loved ones return while helping you through a very difficult period of your life.