Teens of any family can abuse substance. No family should think itself immune to this plague. Teens may abuse alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal substances. Drug abuse takes a toll on your teen’s physical and psychological well-being. Not only will the teen be affected, other family members may be affected and this could disrupt the family unity. Ample understanding of how teen substance abuse can affect your family will help you prepare to face the problem as a family.

Below are some of the ways substance abuse can affect the family.

Conflict and Dysfunction

When an individual becomes a victim of substance abuse, that individual may experience drastic mood changes. Have increased tendency to argue and become secretive or withdrawn from the family. One or the combination of these factors can disrupt normal functioning and put friction between you and your teen leading to increased disagreements or fighting. You may also always have conflicts with that kid over money, school, and friends. This, of course, will get you concerned because it will become almost impossible to have a normal conversation with such a child.

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Sibling Concerns

If one of your kids abuses drugs, you may tend to focus more on that kid and limit the time and attention you give to your other children. Everyone wants to feel special and noticed even children. Since the other children may feel ignored, they may start to act out as a means of getting noticed. If it is the older child that is involved in the habit of substance abuse. Such a sibling may serve as a negative role model for younger children. The younger child may desire to be noticed like the other sibling and may engage in alcohol or drug use.

Financial Problems

When your teen becomes involved in substance abuse, money matters may begin to arise. Your teen may begin to demand more money for buying drugs, more money for his friends use, etc. This will cause a strain on the finances of the family. You will also need to spend money while looking for a solution to the tee’s problem. Extra money may be needed for rehab, therapy and in some cases, fines or other legal fees that arise from your teen engaging in offensive or violent acts associated with substance abuse. Your kid may also have to steal money or other valuable items in order to keep his supply steady. They first look to their own home is to find resources for these purposes.

Teen Drug Abuse

Social Ties and Stress

When your teen abuses drugs, your social ties may also suffer or be damaged. Not only is there a risk of your immediate family suffering from lack of attention, but also other family relatives and friends could suffer. When this occurs, your former solace when under stress or difficulty may no longer be there to support you. This can also have a negative effect on your health. Other people in your life usually may not know or understand what you are going through when your teen child abuses alcohol or drugs. They may even avoid you because they don’t know what to say or how to help. You also tend to avoid other people because you are embarrassed and heavy with guilt about the situation.

Teen Substance Abuse Conclusion

Seek out help once you begin to suspect that your teen child is abusing drugs. You may read the section on ‘how to know if your teen is abusing drugs’ so that you can be sure. Make your kid drug-free.

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