Tobacco is legal for those who are of age. Tobacco is also responsible for well over a billion deaths of people throughout the world each and every year. Sadly, this makes this legal substance both highly accessible and dangerous. Tobacco is also very addictive. Even though tobacco can lead to numerous chronic diseases and do damage to those who are just in the vicinity of users through second hand smoke. It is still legal in every country. While some countries are limiting the places a person can smoke or who can be in an enclosed environment when smoking tobacco is used. It can still be highly problematic. If you are a smoker or tobacco user or know someone who has an addiction to these substances then read on.

What Is Tobacco

Tobacco is a plant that is grown for its leaves which are then dried and fermented before being used in tobacco products. Tobacco naturally contains nicotine which explains it naturally addictive properties. Additionally, when tobacco is burned it produces a number of other harmful chemicals that can lead to health problems. Due to the addictive ingredients, tobacco is difficult to give up once one has started using it, in any form. People can smoke, chew. Or even sniff tobacco as cigarettes, snuff, kreteks, cigars, in pipes, and in hookahs. Tobacco can cause numerous health problems which most people are well aware of. Including those they can cause issues for others around the smoker. What remains highly unknown is how to beat a tobacco addiction.

tobacco addiction

Rehab For Tobacco Addiction?

While rehab is usually not a first choice for active tobacco addiction, it is an option. If you are severely addicted to tobacco of any kind or in addition to other substances and need an inpatient facility. They can be found. However, if you are simply ready to quit using tobacco and want to do it as an outpatient or on your own then there are also options. The first step for many is to speak to a doctor. Many stop smoking or anti-tobacco products are available through prescription or over the counter. A doctor can both recommend a product and offer a physical so the user will know if tobacco has already caused health issues.

Tobacco Addiction Defined

When someone has used tobacco over time the brain changes which leads to withdrawal symptoms when someone tries to quit. Symptoms may include being irritable, having trouble focusing, increased appetite, cravings, and trouble sleeping. For many, these withdrawal symptoms are the reason they cannot or will not stop. Many treatments involve stepping down the amount of nicotine used each day or week. These make the withdrawal symptoms weaker over time, but still present for a longer amount of time. Additionally, there are behavioral treatments that require changing behaviors that lead to or promoted smoking that are effective for some. This can mean doing an activity right after eating other than smoking since this is a common time to enjoy a smoke or chew.

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